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R3 Doc Problems to be Fixed

This fixes are needed:

  • Pages with bad links:
    1. r3/docs/concepts/files-names.html
    2. r3/docs/concepts/files-reading.html
    3. r3/docs/concepts/files-writing.html
    4. r3/docs/concepts/funcs.html
    5. r3/docs/concepts/funcs-evaluating.html
    6. r3/docs/concepts/funcs-defining.html
    7. r3/docs/concepts/funcs-attributes.html
    8. r3/docs/concepts/strings-functions.html
    9. r3/docs/concepts/series-datatypes.html
    10. r3/docs/concepts/series-info.html
    11. r3/docs/concepts/series-iteration.html
    12. r3/docs/concepts/expr.html
    13. r3/docs/concepts/expr-words.html
    14. r3/docs/guide/code-conditional.html
    15. r3/docs/guide/data-types.html
    16. r3/docs/datatypes/action.html
    17. r3/docs/datatypes/block.html
    18. r3/docs/datatypes/date.html
    19. r3/docs/datatypes/email.html
    20. r3/docs/datatypes/hash.html
    21. r3/docs/datatypes/image.html
    22. r3/docs/datatypes/list.html
    23. r3/docs/datatypes/paren.html
    24. r3/docs/datatypes/tag.html
    25. r3/docs/concepts/scripts-args.html
    26. r3/docs/concepts/expr.html
  • Missing images:
    1. r3/docs/concepts/objects-reflection.html
    2. r3/docs/concepts/series-variables.html
    3. r3/docs/concepts/series-traversing.html


    There are missing internet files for examples under the domain. Any files used in examples should exist so people new to Rebol may try them to see the result.


    The zap and say function example on the following page produce this error "Script Error: var has no value" when copied from the browser and pasted on the command line. This is because the web page uses ` not '.


    The example of returning multiple values on the following page always returns none. The return function needs to be added to produce the value described in the text.


    One of the examples for exclude uses difference not exclude on the following page. Also there are two sections for exclude one before the section on difference one after.


    The result of the first example of using insert/dup on the following page should be changed from efgh==-i to efgh----i.


    There is a spurious " in the text of the first example of using pick on page:


    The examples using paths on blocks uses the same data as another page, however if someone were to jump directly to this page in the documentation they would not know the initial value of the block.


    The 6th example of mold displays HTML markup on page:


    The table of refinements for trim imply the /with can only be used with the /all refinement on the following page. The enbase example should add a line saving the result in a variable e-line to be used with the debase example.The enbase/base examples do not show the initial contents of the str variable.


    The first example of using find/part is missing the limit index on the following page. Also the first two find/part examples should be changed so it finds a value different then find would, having find and find/part return the same value does not show the usefulness of find/part. There is no example of find/with.


    The next link on these page go nowhere:



    Would you remove the semi-colon from the tag <;HTML> on


    The example at the bottom of this page is spurious.


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