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REBOL Technologies was founded in 1998 by Carl Sassenrath, the operating systems architect best known for bringing multitasking to personal computers in 1985 with the Commodore Amiga multimedia computer.

The development of the REBOL language began in the mid-1980's as part of several other specialized programming languages, including the MIME language used for multimedia in the early 1990's. Based on symbolic processing and denotational semantics, the REBOL language is unique in a variety of ways, but its primary objective is to minimize the structural complexity of computer programs through the use of dialected domain specific sublanguages.

Our Opinion of Modern Software

Modern software systems have become large, complex, and expensive. Most don't need to be.

We believe that the high complexity of most software systems is synthetic. Vendors and consultants intentionally make software more complicated. Why?

  1. They get paid a lot more. Ten times more.
  2. They lock you into a single source. Them.
  3. There's no incentive to simplify or reduce costs.

The software costs for many organizations often exceeds 25% of their total operational budgets. Yet, the simple fact is that most software systems for small and medium sized organizations do not require large expensive solutions. Their databases and related software tools manage only 1K to 1M data records. By modern standard, these datasets are small and can easily fit within a USB memory card or the main memory of even most home computers. Yet, organizations spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to develop and maintain these tiny databases.

Most software systems are overly complex, and our claim is that when it comes to software, smaller is better.

Smaller software is:

  1. Cheaper to develop.
  2. More efficient to operate.
  3. Easier to update and improve.

None of those are true with large complex software systems.

So that's why we offer a different approach. By using more powerful language technology developed over the last 20 years, we build useful applications for a fraction of the cost.

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