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Designed for graphical applications on end-user systems.
Don't need graphics? Download REBOL/Core

How to Run It


These packages provide only the executable program. The documents are here.

If you discover a setup problem, please contact us. (We won't know if you don't tell us.)

OS System/CPU Version Date (UTC) Download Size
Microsoft Windows 1-Jan-2011 rebol-view-278-3-1.exe 0.82 MB
Apple OS X PPC 8-Jan-2011 rebol-view-278-2-4.tar.gz 0.59 MB
Apple OS X Intel 2-Jan-2011 rebol-view-278-2-5.tar.gz 0.6 MB
Linux x86 libc6 2.3 2-Jan-2011 rebol-view-278-4-2.tar.gz 0.62 MB
Linux x86 libc6 2.5 6-Jan-2011 rebol-view-278-4-3.tar.gz 0.62 MB
Linux ARM libc6 17-Jan-2016 rebol-view-278-4-8.tar.gz 0.57 MB
FreeBSD x86 (elf) 11-Jan-2011 rebol-view-278-7-2.tar.gz 0.57 MB
OpenBSD x86 4.0 9-Jan-2011 rebol-view-278-9-4.tar.gz 0.58 MB


Security Notes

By default REBOL enforces file security. For new users, this may seem restrictive, but it's worthwhile because it helps keep you system safe.

Here are the basics you need to know:

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