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REBOL Licenses


The license agreements included in the distributions of all our software, either within the product itself (type "license" at the prompt) or within the distribution archive are the official licenses. This page is provided just as a quick summary for web visitors.


REBOL/Core and /View are free and will always be free. They are intended for commercial, non-commercial, educational, and hobby uses.

Summary of the end-user license:

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Type "license" from the REBOL console to see the specific license details.

REBOL/Command and /SDK

These products were created for professional and commercial usage. We sell these products to help support REBOL development activities. See their license agreements for details or contact us.

REBOL Scripts

In general, we use the BSD and MIT Licenses for the REBOL scripts and examples published on this and other web sites. (Note that some source files in the SDK or to build REBOL have special licenses meant.)

We also encourage other developers of examples and non-commercial scripts to use this or a similar license. Of course, the exact license depends on your primary goal of publication, and you should seek legal advice if you are not sure.


The REBOL name and the REBOL logo are registered trademarks ® of REBOL Technologies.

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