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REBOL Release Archive

This page provides an archive of older versions.


REBOL/Core 2.5

Version numbers may not be accurate to actual file.

Group System-Name Hardware Version File
Amiga Amiga V2.0-3.1 68020+ core011.lha
Amiga V2.0-3.1 68000 core012.lha
Apple Macintosh PPC core021.sit.hqx
Macintosh 68K core022.sit.hqx
Macintosh, FAT PPC, 68K core023.sit.hqx
Macintosh, OSX 10.2 PPC core024.tar.gz
Be BeOS R4 PPC core051.tar.gz
BeOS R5 iX86 core052.tar.gz
BSD BSDi iX86 core061.tar.gz
Free BSD iX86 core071.tar.gz
NetBSD iX86 core081.tar.gz
NetBSD PPC core082.tar.gz
NetBSD 68K core083.tar.gz
NetBSD DEC Alpha core084.tar.gz
NetBSD Sparc core085.tar.gz
OpenBSD iX86 core091.tar.gz
OpenBSD 68K core093.tar.gz
OpenBSD Sparc core095.tar.gz
HP HP-UX HP core120.tar.gz
IBM AIX RS6000 rebol17.tar.gz
Linux Linux, Libc5 iX86 core041.tar.gz
Linux, Libc6 iX86 core042.tar.gz
Linux DEC Alpha core043.tar.gz
Linux PPC core044.tar.gz
Linux 68K core045.tar.gz
Linux Sparc core046.tar.gz
Linux UltraSparc core047.tar.gz
Linux Netwinder Strong ARM core048.tar.gz
Linux Cobalt Qube MIPS core049.tar.gz
Microsoft Windows XP/NT/2K/9X iX86
Windows Alpha NT DEC Alpha
Windows CE 2.0 SH3
Windows CE 2.0 MIPS
Windows CE 2.0 Strong ARM, HP820
Windows CE 2.0 SH4
QNX RTOS iX86 core220.tar.gz
RTP iX86 core280.tar.gz
SCO SCO Unix iX86 core190.tar.gz
SCO Open Server iX86 core240.tar.gz
SGI IRIX SGI core110.tar.gz
Sun Solaris Sparc core101.tar.gz
Solaris iX86 core102.tar.gz
Tao Elate/Intent VP core271.tar.gz

REBOL/View 1.2

Version numbers may not be accurate to actual file.

Group System-Name Hardware Version File
Amiga Amiga V2.x/3.x 68020+ view-pro011.lha
Apple Macintosh* PPC view-pro021.sit.hqx
Be BeOS R5 PPC view-pro051.tar.gz
BeOS R5 iX86 view-pro052.tar.gz
BSD BSDi iX86 view-pro061.tar.gz
Free BSD iX86 view-pro071.tar.gz
NetBSD iX86 view-pro081.tar.gz
NetBSD PPC view-pro082.tar.gz
NetBSD 68K view-pro083.tar.gz
NetBSD DEC Alpha view-pro084.tar.gz
NetBSD Sparc view-pro085.tar.gz
OpenBSD iX86 view-pro091.tar.gz
OpenBSD 68K view-pro093.tar.gz
OpenBSD Sparc view-pro095.tar.gz
HP HP-UX HP view-pro120.tar.gz
IBM AIX RS6000 view-pro170.tar.gz
Linux Linux, Libc5 iX86 view-pro041.tar.gz
Linux, Libc6 iX86 view-pro042.tar.gz
Linux DEC Alpha view-pro043.tar.gz
Linux PPC view-pro044.tar.gz
Linux 68K view-pro045.tar.gz
Linux Sparc view-pro046.tar.gz
Linux UltraSparc view-pro047.tar.gz
Linux Netwinder Strong ARM view-pro048.tar.gz
Microsoft Windows (All) iX86
SCO SCO Open Server iX86 view-pro240.tar.gz
SGI IRIX SGI view-pro110.tar.gz
Sun Solaris Sparc view-pro101.tar.gz
Solaris iX86 view-pro102.tar.gz
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