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Designed for servers and non-graphical applications.
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How to Run It


These packages provide only the executable program. The documents are here.

OS System/CPU Version Date (UTC) Download Size
Microsoft Windows 1-Jan-2011 rebol-core-278-3-1.exe 0.29 MB
Apple OS X PPC 8-Jan-2011 rebol-core-278-2-4.tar.gz 0.22 MB
Apple OS X Intel 2-Jan-2011 rebol-core-278-2-5.tar.gz 0.22 MB
Linux x86 libc6 2.3 2-Jan-2011 rebol-core-278-4-2.tar.gz 0.21 MB
Linux x86 libc6 2.5 6-Jan-2011 rebol-core-278-4-3.tar.gz 0.21 MB
Linux ARM libc6 17-Jan-2016 rebol-core-278-4-8.tar.gz 0.2 MB
Linux x86-64 eglibc 2.19 24-Jan-2016 rebol-core-278-4-10.tar.gz 0.25 MB
FreeBSD x86 (elf) 11-Jan-2011 rebol-core-278-7-2.tar.gz 0.2 MB
OpenBSD x86 4.0 9-Jan-2011 rebol-core-278-9-4.tar.gz 0.2 MB
Sun Sparc Solaris 1-Jan-2009 missing missing!


Security Notes

By default REBOL enforces file security. For new users, this may seem restrictive, but it's worthwhile. Here are the basics you need to know:

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