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REBOL/View Features

Designed for creating rich internet applications... measured in kilobytes, not megabytes.

See also: REBOL/Core


REBOL/View is built on the REBOL/Core kernel which includes 14 Internet protocols, compression, dozens of built-in datatypes, sandboxes, and domain specific dialecting.

REBOL/View includes a fast, machine independent, hierarchical compositing engine that includes a wide range of special effects and filters, including contrast, tint, blur, sharpen, scale, gradients, colorize, emboss, and much more. View also includes the Visual Interface Dialect (VID), a flexible graphical user interface that allows users to easily create applications.

View is quick to download and trivial to install. Applications are tiny, work both online and offline, and do not depend on a web browser.

Check out the REBOL/View demo gallery.

Feature Summary

Technical Features

Core Features

See the REBOL/Core Product page.

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