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REBOL/View Demo Gallery

These programs run on any REBOL/View system platform. Note the sizes!

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Digital Clock

Reblet Size: 0.3 KB! (source)

Just a simple digital clock that ticks off seconds. But, look at its size! It's only three lines. The rest is a REBOL header that describes the program.

Here's a modified version that includes resizing functions: (resizable clock source)


Reblet Size: 1.2 KB! (source)

This one is hard to believe... Here is a 20 key calculator in only 1.2 K bytes!

And, yes, it really does function. The calculator displays the entire formula as you type it, then shows the result when you press "=". Shortcut keys allow you to use the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

Gel Demo

Reblet Size: 1.4 KB! (source)

This program illustrates the dynamics and power behind the REBOL/View graphical compositing engine. Drag the gel around the window and watch the selected effect (contrast, invert, emboss, blur, sharpen, gradient colorize, and more) happen in real time.

Block Diagram

Reblet Size: 1.4 KB (source)

This entire diagram was created using REBOL/View. We started out trying to create it in Adobe Photoshop, but found it was easier to create with a REBOL program. It's handy. We can instantly change any of its text, colors, or sizes in the future without having to recreate it.

Color Table

Reblet Size: 1.4 KB (source)

Displays the color names and RGB values for the predefined REBOL colors. And, if you want to see what a color looks like when it is divided or multiplied by an integer, you can do so with the slider.

Tile Game

Reblet Size: 1.4 KB (source)

The classic sliding tile game. Click on the GO tile and try to reverse the order of the tiles.

Email Message Sender

Reblet Size: 1.8 KB (source)

Here is an example of a small but useful email program. It's handy when you want to fire off a quick email but don't want to take the time to open your big email client. It presents a small form that accepts email addresses, a subject line, and a message. Then, just click send to mail it out. Its code is easy to enhance to add your own features.


Reblet Size: 1.8 KB (source)

There's more than one way to send email. This example displays a feedback form for reporting bugs and enhancements to REBOL. When you press send, the form is converted into a REBOL formatted message that is sent to REBOL headquarters and automatically processed.

Gradient Image Colorize

Reblet Size: 2.1 KB

This program shows you just a few of the wide range of gradient colorization effects that you can do with REBOL/View. It downloads a single image from our web site and applies a range of color gradients to it. The code is easy to read so you can cut and paste the effect you want.

File Uploader

Reblet Size: 2.1 KB

We've found this program to be quite handy for keeping a Web or Reb site updated. Select what files you want uploaded and let it run. With only about 2.1 KB of code you can easily customize this program to make your common uploads easier.

Font Lab

Reblet Size: 2.6 KB (source)

If you want to experiment with the display attributes of REBOL text, this is the program for you. It shows the standard, predefined text styles and lets you apply a range of attributes to modify their face style, font style, alignment, spacing, color, and shadowing.

Effect Lab

Reblet Size: 5 KB (source)

This is is a truly amazing 5 K program. It allows you to apply dozens of REBOL image processing operations to an image and instantly see the result. A field on the left displays the actual REBOL effect code. You can cut and paste the code into your own programs to get the same results.


Reblet Size: 5.4 KB (source)

Here is a convenient contact database that is very easy to use. Enter new names into the fields on the right. To search for names, click on the scrolling list of names or start typing part of the name into the search field, and it will immediately show you the choices that match. You can also sort and delete names. The entries are stored as a REBOL text file that you can edit, import new names into, or export as needed.


Reblet Size: 7.8 KB (source)

This is a multi-level Tetris style game. Click the start button, then land the falling objects and complete a row to score.

Mines Game

Reblet Size: 10 KB (source)

Here is a tiny mine sweeper type game. Click the tiles to find safe spots and avoid the mines. Right click on tiles that you think might include mines. A timer keeps the pace lively.


Now part of REBOL/View

What's the easiest way to share REBOL/View programs? How about the World Wide Reb, a distributed desktop that spans the Internet. The desktop displays icons for various REBOL documents, programs, files, and sites and lets you execute programs that are distributed anywhere on the net.

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