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REBOL 3 Downloads

This is an ALPHA TEST version of REBOL 3.0
Use at your own risk.

How to Start...


Here is the R3 release change log.

OS System/CPU Version Date (UTC) Download Size
Microsoft Windows 20-Feb-2011 r3-a111-3-1.exe 0.38 MB
Apple OS X PPC 20-Feb-2011 r3-a111-2-4.tar.gz 0.24 MB
Apple OS X Intel 21-Feb-2011 r3-a111-2-5.tar.gz 0.24 MB
Linux x86 libc6 2.3 3-Mar-2011 r3-a111-4-2.tar.gz 0.24 MB
Linux x86 libc6 2.5 21-Feb-2011 r3-a111-4-3.tar.gz 0.25 MB
Linux x86 libc6 2.11 20-Feb-2011 r3-a111-4-4.tar.gz 0.26 MB
Linux PPC libc6 27-Feb-2011 r3-a111-5-1.tar.gz 0.23 MB
FreeBSD x86 (elf) 3-Mar-2011 r3-a111-7-2.tar.gz 0.21 MB
OpenBSD x86 4.0 11-May-2010 missing missing!
Amiga OS4 PPC 5-Mar-2011 r3-a111-1-3.tar.gz 0.3 MB

The Amiga build still has a few problems related to file paths, and may not be able to load a file from the current directory, but can work by referring back to a prior directory path (because, after all, it was able to upload its code.)

Once you have R3 running, type upgrade at the prompt to check for new versions.


On Linux, to determine your libc version, use this:

$ ldd --version

Then download the above release that's greater than that version.

How to run on OS X, Linux, BSD, etc.:

The shell commands would look like this:

> cp downloads/r3-a74-4-2 r3
> chmod +x r3
> ./r3
REBOL 3 2.100.96 ...
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