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REBOL 3 Alpha Test Introduction

Here's how to get started testing REBOL 3.


Start Here
System Requirements
Download and Run
That Pesky Console
Join the R3 DevBase Forum
Where to get Source Code?
How to Report a Bug (or make a request)

Start Here

REBOL is now faster and more powerful. New datatypes, new natives, new ideas, and Unicode. Plus, we've managed to pack all that into a tiny footprint, staying true to our REBOL ideals.

If you're an experienced reboler, we invite you to try out the R3 alpha and have fun. R3 works quite well. We've written many scripts that do useful things, and even run this new wiki engine. But, it's not perfect yet.

Keep a watch for:

System Requirements

To test R3, you will need:

Download and Run


Before downloading and using R3 alpha, please note:

So, now you can download the latest release from the R3 Downloads page.

There is no installation. Just run it. See notes on that page.

You will see a banner and some helpful hints such as:

Chat - open DevBase developer forum/BBS
Docs - open DocBase document wiki (web)
Bugs - open CureCode bug database (web)
Demo - run demo launcher (from
Help - show built-in help information
Upgrade - check for newer releases
Changes - what's new about this version (web)

To check for updates, you can type upgrade at the prompt. (We can't call it update, because that's a port function.)


Documentation for REBOL 3 is found:

Notice that from the R3 console you can get docs fast with:

>> ? function
>> ?/doc function
>> docs

The second two will open the web browser to the correct location.

That Pesky Console

The R3 console is nothing special. It's bare bones. This is just a temporary situation for alpha test.

On MS Windows the console is a standard shell window. As of version R3 A99, we enable the shell window options for "quick edit" to enable cut and paste, the scroll wheel, and other features. For prior versions, you will need to right click on the console window caption area and enable that mode. See: Note about Windows Console for more.

On all other platforms, the console is implemented with a very simple line editor, similar to the GNU ReadLine()... but using our own tiny implementation of it. If you want to enhance it, the source code is in the R3 Host-Kit. But remember: keep it small, and it must work on all operating systems... even BSD boxes.

Join the R3 DevBase Forum

We use R3 to chat about R3. From the console, type chat. This will open DevBase, the R3 chat forum. You will need to setup an account, but it's easy.

>> chat
Fetching chat...
Script: "DevBase Command Line Interface" Version: 0.4.22 Date: 16-Dec-2009/0:00
--- Note: login initiated
--- Note: fetching user list
--- Note: checking for new messages
--- Note: updating messages:  6727
--- Note: there are new messages
6727 message records

   141 ! Enter 140 for chat about chat.               140 Carl     13-Jan-2009

Top headings:
     2 H Server admin                                   0 admin    5d ago
     4 H User messages                                  0 Oldes    4d ago
     5 H General                                        0 pekr     25-Dec
    14 H R3                                             0 Henrik   7h ago
    15 H R2                                             0 RobertS  8-Jan
    16 H Tools                                          0 Carl     13-Jan
    17 H Websites                                       0 Henrik   5d ago
>   18 H Community                                      0 btiffin  1-Jan

Hint: n = new messages, who = users online, ? = help, ?? = list commands.

The system is currently only a text, but it has many advanced commands. Eventually a GUI will be provided (once we have one.)

See R3 DevBase Chat Forum.

The most common commands are:

Command Description
1234 view message 1234 (or topic 1234)
? for help
?? lists all commands
n show new messages
nf list new files
top show top level topic
who to see who's around
web open the web interface to chat
.. go to the parent topic (up)
pu post privately to a user
f search all messages
fh search topic headers

Within a topic:

Command Description
l list message titles
lm list message contents
lr list all related messages (a thread)
lb list messages into web browser (for printing, etc.)
p post a message in current topic
pp post a private message (to a user)

After reading a message:

Command Description
r reply to a message
g goto the link listed in the message (links are URLs, message ids like #1234, or but ids like bug#432)

Where to get Source Code?

Source code files for various parts of R3 are distributed using DevBase (above).

Anyone can download files, but to upload changes, you need an editor-level ranking within DevBase (50 or higher).

Here's an example of how to download all current mezzanine source files:

carl:R3>> 26
Last 32 messages...

carl:R3/Mezzanines>> ls
mezz-banner.r     mezz-control.r    mezz-debug.r      mezz-file.r
mezz-func.r       mezz-help.r       mezz-intrinsics.r mezz-load.r
mezz-main.r       mezz-math.r       mezz-ports.r      mezz-series.r
mezz-tail.r       mezz-types.r      mezz-init.r       mezz-secure.r

carl:R3/Mezzanines>> get *
--- Note: downloading: 03865
--- Note: wrote file: work/r3/mezzanines/mezz-banner.r
--- Note: downloading: 04505
--- Note: wrote file: work/r3/mezzanines/mezz-control.r
--- Note: downloading: 06070
--- Note: wrote file: work/r3/mezzanines/mezz-debug.r
--- Note: downloading: 05798
--- Note: wrote file: work/r3/mezzanines/mezz-file.r
--- Note: downloading: 05190

Here are the relevant commands:

Command Description
nf list new files (all topics)
ls list files for current topic
lf list file details for current topic
get download files for current topic (e.g. get )
od open local directory (at current topic location)
edit open file in your favorite editor
diff show differences between files
submit upload a file change (for review)
sync download all files and all changes into your local DevBase file cache (if you expect to be offline or just want to backup the archive).

There are various admin functions as well. Use the ?? command to see the full list.

How to Report a Bug (or make a request)

To report a bug, type bugs at the console. It will open a web browser into CureCode where you can review bugs and enhancement tickets, search for existing issues, and enter new tickets.

Before posting a bug, be sure to search for it -- in case it's already been reported. The community needs you to do your own research on it. We all appreciate it.

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