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REBOL 3 Change Log: 2009 Part 1

January-June 2009

View.exe 2.100.65 29-June-2009

A64 introduced a serious problem with modules. This release fixes those problems. (Tests have been added to prevent such regression in future builds.)

The image! type has also been added back into the series! typeset. Be sure to test series functions with image! values, there will likely be problems.

View.exe 2.100.64 29-June-2009

Warning: due to various changes this build may not be stable.

View.exe 2.100.63 26-June-2009

For testing console line editing and history. This change makes testing from within the console a lot easier because you can recall and edit prior input lines.

Updated: 27-June-2009: fixes terminal attribute reset on script exit.

Only available for OS X and Linux at this time.

Please note:

Other changes: 968 SAME? action not defined for map! 969 STRICT-EQUAL? action not defined for map! 970 STRICT-NOT-EQUAL? action not defined for map!

View.exe 2.100.62 24-June-2009

Fixes HTTP. Normal alpha testing can resume. Please read notes below regarding binary datatypes changes.

View.exe 2.100.61 23-June-2009

SPECIAL TEST RELEASE -- updated binary conversion -- not for general use. See notes for A60.

Fixes binary for: INSERT action FIND action TAKE action LAST native PARSE native (more to do, but simple things work). FOREACH native REMOVE-EACH native

Not all cases tested yet. More testing required.

HTTP works better, but still has some issues.

View.exe 2.100.60 23-June-2009

SPECIAL TEST RELEASE -- partial conversion -- not for general use.

This build removes binary! from the any-string! typeset. This change affects natives and mezzanine functions that once allowed binary as a string.

When you boot, you will see this message:

*** WARNING ***

This is a special build that removes BINARY! from the ANY-STRING!
typeset. This change affects many native and mezzanine functions.

This build is just one step in the conversion process. It will
break many existing R3 scripts, so we suggest that you do not
make this version your default R3 program. More work is needed.

The discussion related to this change can be found at:


If you find a problem, note it on Chat 1315 (R3/datatypes/binary!)
thread for now.

Note that all string and binary datatypes may produce different results. Some results are correct, but many will not be.

A partial list of functions that are affected:

any-string!     typeset!  [string! file! email! url! tag! issue!]
any-string?     function! Return TRUE if value is any type of string.
ascii?          native!   Returns TRUE if value or string is in ASCII c...
checksum        native!   Computes a checksum, CRC, or hash.
dehex           native!   Converts URL-style hex encoded (%xx) strings.
deline          native!   Converts string terminators to standard forma...
detab           native!   Converts tabs in a string to spaces (default ...
dir?            native!   Returns true if file is a directory.
enline          native!   Converts standard string terminators to curre...
entab           native!   Converts spaces in a string to tabs (default ...
foreach         native!   Evaluates a block for each value(s) in a seri...
latin1?         native!   Returns TRUE if value or string is in Latin-1...
lowercase       native!   Converts string of characters to lowercase. (...
parse           native!   Parses a series according to rules.
remove-each     native!   Removes values for each block that returns tr...
reword          function! Substitutes values into a template string, re...
split           function! Split a series into pieces; fixed or variable...
uppercase       native!   Converts string of characters to uppercase. (...

And these functions have been removed:

as-binary       native!   Coerces any type of string into a binary! dat...
as-string       native!   Coerces any type of string into a string! dat...

We also temporarily removed the HTTP scheme because it requires modification due to its use of binary for network transfers. (Source code for HTTP can be found on chat #27. Type: get prot-http.r to download it.)

View.exe 2.100.59 23-June-2009

View.exe 2.100.58 21-June-2009

View.exe 2.100.57 17-June-2009

This release focuses on various math changes and math-related bug fixes.

View.exe 2.100.56 9-June-2009

View.exe 2.100.55 28-May-2009

Many changes, some of which have important impact. Watch for new problems.

These tickets were fixed or implemented:

View.exe 2.100.54 14-May-2009

Fixes to various problems related to images, supported function arguments, and various functions:

View.exe 2.100.53 12-May-2009

This release mainly focuses on encapsulation and security in preparation for plugin features.

View.exe 2.100.52 7-May-2009

Implements more security policies and enhancements to the SECURE function. This is a good time for users to review the SECURE function (type: source secure). Notes are posted on the R3 blog: Notes about Secure

View.exe 2.100.51 5-May-2009

View.exe 2.100.50 29-Apr-2009

View.exe 2.100.49 25-Apr-2009

View.exe 2.100.48 11-Apr-2009

View.exe 2.100.47 9-Apr-2009

View.exe 2.100.46 9-Apr-2009

View.exe 2.100.45 7-Apr-2009

View.exe 2.100.44 5-Apr-2009

View.exe 2.100.43 4-Apr-2009

View.exe 2.100.42 1-Apr-2009

View.exe 2.100.41 31-Mar-2009

View.exe 2.100.40 27-Mar-2009

Note: The Linux .4.2 build has been switched to Ubuntu, and the Fedora build is now .4.3 to avoid confusion.

View.exe 2.100.39 26-Mar-2009

View.exe 2.100.38 25-Mar-2009

View.exe 2.100.37 26-Feb-2009

View.exe 2.100.36 25-Feb-2009

View.exe 2.100.35 24-Feb-2009

View.exe 2.100.34 22-Feb-2009

View.exe 2.100.33 28-Jan-2009

Adds the DEMO function for giving new users a way to test drive it. Also provides actual GUI code for the LOAD-GUI download function, using the current developer prototype GUI. More on this is in development.

View.exe 2.100.32 23-Jan-2009

These bugs were fixed:

View.exe 2.100.31 14-Jan-2009

View.exe 2.100.30 12-Jan-2009

View.exe 2.100.29 9-Jan-2009 (private)

Special thanks to Brian Hawley for his contributions to many of these features.

View.exe 2.100.28 6-Jan-2009 (private)

View.exe 2.100.27 5-Jan-2009 (private)

View.exe 2.100.26 4-Jan-2009 (private)

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