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REBOL 3 Change Log: 2009 Part 2

July-December 2009

View.exe 2.100.96 10-Dec-2009

Brings executable download packages in sync with A96 changes below.

View.exe 2.100.96 Host-Kit 2-Dec-2009

First Host Kit version released. This is a prototype for a few developers to test.

View.exe 2.100.95 24-Nov-2009

View.exe 2.100.94 29-Oct-2009

Fixes and enhancements:

View.exe 2.100.93 27-Oct-2009

Major revision of standard I/O interfaces. See StdIO update blog for details. Various oddities may still be present. This release now allows scripts to redirect stdio, enabling features like CGI POST. An example will be provided on the R3 Blog.

What's still missing? #You cannot WRITE to system/ports/output yet (you must still use PRINT.) That makes it a problem outputting binary data. #We need a command line flag to indicate if we want line breaks or not when redirecting input to the console for evaluation.

View.exe 2.100.92 22-Oct-2009

View.exe 2.100.91 19-Oct-2009

View.exe 2.100.90 14-Oct-2009

Changes to PARSE:

View.exe 2.100.89 13-Oct-2009

Changes PARSE iteration to allow infinite loops. For example, if any rule in an ANY or SOME block remains TRUE (such as an END when at the end of the input) the iteration will continue, regardless of the state or change in the input series.

This change was requested by expert users because it allows more sophisticated parsing practices. However, it requires all users to be more careful about how they build an iteration block. Methods that once auto-terminated due to the end of input will no longer do so.

Also, the BREAK word has been formally defined to exit a rule block (with the current state of success or failure for the iteration.)

In addition, bug#1263 has been fixed (allowing change of series even between datatypes.)

View.exe 2.100.88 11-Oct-09

View.exe 2.100.87 6-Oct-2009

Bug fixes (as listed in CureCode):

View.exe 2.100.86 5-Oct-2009

Changes to PARSE:

Parse Summary Document updated

View.exe 2.100.85 1-Oct-2009

Adds CHANGE to PARSE as a test case. Format is: CHANGE rule value, with optional ONLY in front of the value for blocks. The span of the change is the same as the new REMOVE span, which is that of the rule.

This enhancement required major internal modifications in order to share implementation with various datatypes (series), so you will also want to test the CHANGE, APPEND, and INSERT actions for all series datatypes (because they may have been affected.)

View.exe 2.100.84 29-Sep-2009

More PARSE changes:

View.exe 2.100.83 25-Sep-2009

View.exe 2.100.82 4-Sep-2009

Update for other OSes (but not yet for extensions -- we did not want to wait for that to make this release because it includes several important changes.) Also a few minor bug fixes.

View.exe 2.100.81 2-Sep-2009

The main purpose of this release is to integrate the module rework done by BrianH.

Due to the substantial changes in the module-related functions, we need your help testing IMPORT, LOAD, needs, and other module functions and features.

If modules are new to you, they are quite easy to write, and the Modules document is up-to-date (with the exception that A81 changes are not yet included within it.)

Other small changes include:

View.exe 2.100.80 31-Aug-2009

This release defines more precisely how COPY/deep and MAKE object work.

It may break some existing R3 code, but our tests pass, and also CHAT and even the GUI demo run (kind of a surprise, actually.)

Only these changes were made to this release -- unrelated changes were not made -- so we can easily isolate any new problems that may appear from this release. This was a large change, and we expect a few new bugs.

In general:

For more details see [Copy Semantics]].

View.exe 2.100.79 21-Aug-2009

Numerous bug fixes and various enhancements (wishes):

View.exe 2.100.78 18-Aug-2009

Adds text conversions for string files.

NOTE: partial reads/writes (via OPEN) are not yet supported due to the special buffering requirements needed to deal with UTF-8 fragments. has been updated

View.exe 2.100.77 12-Aug-2009

For example:

>> t: number! or money!
make typeset! [integer! decimal! percent! money!]
>> t: number! xor percent!
make typeset! [integer! decimal!]
>> t: number! or any-object!
make typeset! [integer! decimal! percent! object! module! error! task! port!]

View.exe 2.100.76 22-July-2009

The SHIFT function works as follows:

>> shift 1 50     ; left shift
== 1125899906842624
>> to-hex shift 1 50
== #0004000000000000
>> shift 1024 -5  ; right shift
== 32

Currently, shifting is only allowed on integer values and always shifts 64 bits.

View.exe 2.100.75 20-July-2009

View.exe 2.100.74 16-July-2009

Dates are now always UTC internally, making computations less error-prone. Local timezone conversions are done on input and output of dates and on selection of specific fields. Keep an eye open for new bugs.

Timezone has been added to file QUERY, so dates are now correctly displayed. Note that for files, the zone is captured at the OS QUERY time (but the UTC is always accurate.)

>> d: modified? %view.exe
== 15-Jul-2009/21:53:12.592-7:00
>> d/utc
== 16-Jul-2009/4:53:12.592

Note that the NOW function also supports a /utc refinement for convenience:

>> now
== 15-Jul-2009/21:59:43-7:00
>> now/utc
== 16-Jul-2009/4:59:45
>> now/utc/date
== 16-Jul-2009
>> now/utc/time
== 4:59:51

And the DATE! datatype also supports /UTC, but not with refinement combinations. (Perhaps in 3.0.n -- there are more important things to do.)

View.exe 2.100.73 16-July-2009

This release fixes several important problems in RESOLVE to make the user context work better (the default context for your programs.)

Specifically, when you LOAD code, only new words will be set to their "standard library" values (from system/context/exports). For example, if you type:

print now

The PRINT and NOW functions will be "interned" into your user context before the code is evaluated. If you type that line again, it will be evaluated, but no further "interning" is needed. (Of course, casual users don't need to know that any of that happened.)

For experts, a new function called INTERN has been provided that combines BIND/new and RESOLVE. This is just a shortcut for a common method of bringing new words into the system and importing their values (if they are defined in the "standard library".)

View.exe 2.100.72 15-July-2009

View.exe 2.100.71 14-July-2009

Splits the system and user contexts.

Note that system/context field for user has been renamed to 'user.

See R3 Blog for details.

View.exe 2.100.70 10-July-2009

View.exe 2.100.69 8-July-2009

This is a major update that revises all comparison functions and operators. See Update on Comparison for details and issues that still need attention.

Note that the comparison operators are now natives, not datatype actions; however, that change should not affect your code.

You might also notice that this release is a couple KB smaller. A good direction.

View.exe 2.100.68 7-July-2009

Misc. fixes prior to major equality operator revisions:

View.exe 2.100.67 6-July-2009

Major rewrite of TIME! datatype to use a better internal format, with related changes to DATE! datatype, including /zone improvements. See About TIME changes for details.

View.exe 2.100.66 1-July-2009

In this release, we have added some restrictions on the use of NONE for datatype creation.

For example, this is no longer allowed:

g: make gob! none

Use either of these for a minimal MAKE of a GOB:

g: make gob! 10x10
g: make gob! []

In general, only NONE! and LOGIC! (and UNSET!) will allow MAKE with a NONE arg.

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