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REBOL 3 Change Log: 2008

View.exe 2.100.25 14-Dec-2008 (private)

View.exe 2.100.24 8-Dec-2008 (private)

View.exe 2.100.23 6-Dec-2008 (private)

View.exe 2.100.22 4-Dec-2008 (private)

View.exe 2.100.20 27-Nov-2008 (private)

View.exe 2.100.19 25-Nov-2008 (private)

Alpha "View" 2.100.13 5-June-2008

Alpha "View" 2.100.12 10-May-2008

Basic profiling capability. See:

Alpha "View" 2.100.11 (Internal) 5-May-2008

Fixes following bugs listed in Tracker:

Alpha "View" 2.100.10 (Internal) 1-May-2008

Alpha "View" 2.100.9 (Internal) 29-April-2008

Alpha "View" 2.100.8 (Internal) 28-April-2008

First release of graphics features -- READ NOTES BELOW!

This is a test build of the new REBOL core with graphics enabled. It is just a concept test.

Important notes:

  1. JPEG decoder is not included. (Pending the codec mechanism.)
  2. Unicode events are not enabled in this release.
  3. Unicode richtext is not yet supported.

So, this release adds:

(Note that graphics currently adds about 300KB to the size of REBOL.)

Alpha 2.100.7 (Internal) 27-April-2008

WAIT uses OS event system again. This is the next step toward bringing the GUI back online. You will noticed that network tests will no longer burn CPU time while waiting for packets.

Alpha 2.100.6 (Internal) 25-April-2008

Alpha 2.100.5 (Internal) 21-April-2008

To see changes to PORT functions, use help like this:

? open
? read
? write

Alpha 2.100.2 (Internal) 27-March-2008

Alpha 2.99.4 - Public version

The first public release of REBOL 3.0 alpha test version.

Alpha 2.99.3 A00-A83 - Private versions

Jun-2007 to Dec-2007

Early private prototype releases to a small group of testers. Process was kept private in order to keep the development and feedback minimal and manageable.

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