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A Programming Tutorial for REBOL

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
1-Sep-2005 1:06 GMT

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"What is the best way to learn REBOL?" I hear that question a lot. I normally reply that there is a great book written in French, so to best learn REBOL, you must first learn French (or already know it).

Although there are two other books written about REBOL, those books are now somewhat dated as they were written prior to the release of REBOL/View -- the graphical engine of REBOL and certainly one of the more interesting and powerful parts of REBOL.

Most often, new users are seeking a quick tutorial to help them get started with the basics. They don't want a 700 page book or huge on-line manual. In addition, a REBOL tutorial can be quite useful for those who want to teach REBOL at schools, universities, and other educational institutions. REBOL is a unique language for beginners and can make for an interesting topic of study in such academic environments.

If you are looking for such a programming tutorial, you might want to take a look at REBOL Essentials by Victor Pavlu with credit also to Andreas Bolka. This tutorial was originally written for programming lectures held in 2003 at the technical college Spengergasse in Vienna, Austria.

The document is a single PDF file format, so you can easily download and print it. The document is about 750KB. Download locations are:

  • REBOL Essentials from Victor Pavlu's website in Austria.
    His site includes older revisions of the document as well.

  • REBOL Essentials mirrored on the REBOL website.
    May be faster downloading in some parts of the world.

The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License, so you can freely use it, and if you are a professor or teacher, you can print it for your students (but not sell it to them).

If you are a new user, I hope you find this introduction to REBOL useful, and I would like to thank Victor and Andreas for writing and publishing it.


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