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REBOL Blog Hits 200 and also 200,000

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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1-Sep-2005 0:01 GMT

Article #0200
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This is the 200th posting here. I hope you've found my articles informative, useful, and at times even entertaining.

I estimate that there have been more than 200,000 page reads of the blog since the start of 2005. About 92,000 of those are reads of the main page (you can see on the counter there). Then, add to that an average of about 500 direct article accesses per day (mainly by people who read via the RSS feed, find a story via a web search, or use the main index), and you can see how I estimate the total.

So, how did I do in terms of keeping up on writing new articles? If we do the math in REBOL:

>> 200 / (1-Sep-2005 - 4-Oct-2004 / 7)
== 4.21686746987952

That's an average of about 4.2 messages per week. If you grant me weekends off to do things like make wine, ride wakeboards, or attend family events, then that average comes close to one posting per day.

Reviewing the practical benefits of the blog, I hope most REBOLer's have found it to be a worthwhile addition to the world of REBOL. It was, after all, started as an experiment, and I wasn't sure how much time it would take to keep it going.

What in the future would I change about the blog? Well... I think it may be time to add some kind of public feedback mechanism. Currently, reader comments are sent to my private blog reply channel, but often (not always) it would be better for everyone to see the question and hear the reply.

In addition, when I started the blog, I really wanted to explain some of the language design aspects of REBOL more deeply. However, often the practical matters of feature enhancement and bug fixes get in the way of those more esoteric topics. So, that is still a goal, and I hope to produce a few articles on such subjects in the next 200 messages or so.

Thanks again for reading the REBOL Blog and Vive la REBOLution!

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