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R3 Graphical User Interface (GUI)

About the GUI:

User's Guide

This is a whole new guide that's being started for new users it goes step-by-step. (Currently, this part is lower priority compared to developer docs.)

GUI GuideGetting started with the GUI. In development.

Developer's Guide

This section is for developers to understand the language of the GUI. Here are the primary terms you need to know, with each linked to its documentation:

StyleDefines the look and feel of a GUI element. A GUI class.
FaceAn instance of a style, with specific attributes and options. A GUI object.
PanelAn organized collection of related faces. A GUI layout.
ActorA style-defined function that acts on face instances. A GUI method.
ReactorA top level "result" from user input or other events. GUI results.
DialectSpecifies the styles, faces, and layout within a GUI panel. The GUI language.

Lower-level Graphics

WindowAn area of the screen managed by the operating system.
EventA datatype that indicates user input or other activities.
GobA lower level graphical object, optimized for size and performance.
DrawA block of graphical rendering commands.
[?Effect?]A block of graphical effect commands.
[?Richtext?]A block of text and formatting commands.
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