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REBOL 3 Functions: form

form  value

Converts a value to a string.


value [any-type!] - The value to form

See also:

print   reform   mold   remold   ajoin   join   rejoin  


The form function converts a value to a human readable string. It is commonly used by print for output.

form 1234
form 10:30
form %image.jpg

When given a block of values, spaces are inserted between each values (except after a newline).

form [1 2 3]
"1 2 3"

To avoid the spaces between values use ajoin, join, or rejoin.

The reform function combines reduce with form to evaluate values:

reform [1 + 2 3 + 4]
"3 7"

To produce REBOL-readable output, use the mold function.

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