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REBOL 3 Functions: rejoin

rejoin  block

Reduces and joins a block of values.


block [block!] - Values to reduce and join

See also:

join   ajoin   form   reform  


Similar to join but accepts only one argument, the block (which will be reduced first). No spaces are inserted between values.

rejoin ["time=" now/time]

Notice this important case:

rejoin [<a> "test"]

This is fine for lines like:

rejoin [<a href=> "test.html"]
<a href=test.html>

But you can see it creates a problem in this case:

rejoin [<a href=test.html> "test" </a>]
<a href=test.htmltest</a>>

If you want the result to be a string!, use the ajoin function instead.

ajoin [<a href=test.html> "test" </a>]
"<a href=test.html>test</a>"

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