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REBOL 3 Concepts: Series: Series Functions

Pending Revision

This document was written for R2 and has yet to be revised for R3.

Here is a summary of the functions that operate on series. Most of these were described in detail in the previous section. Others will be covered in more detail in this section.


Creation Functions

Function Description
make Makes a new series of the given type.
copy Copies a series.

Navigation Functions

Function Description
next Returns the next position in a series.
back Returns the previous position in a series.
head Returns the head position of a series.
tail Returns the tail position of a series.
skip Returns the position plus or minus an integer.
at Returns the position plus or minus an integer, but uses the same indexing as pick.

Information Functions

Function Description
head? Returns true if at the head of the series.
tail? Returns true if at the tail of the series.
index? Returns the offset from the head of the series.
length? Returns the length of a series from the current position.
offset? Returns the distance between two series positions.
empty? Returns true if the series is empty from this position.

Extraction Functions

Function Description
pick Extracts a single value from a position in a series.
copy /part Extracts a sub-series from a series.
first Extracts the first value from a series.
second Extracts the second value from a series.
third Extracts the third value from a series.
fourth Extracts the fourth value from a series.
fifth Extracts the fifth value from a series.
last Extracts the last value from a series.

Modification Functions

Function Description
insert Inserts values into a series.
append Appends values to the tail of a series.
remove Removes values from a series.
clear Clears values to the tail of a series.
change Changes values in a series.
poke Changes values at a position in a series.

Search Functions

Function Description
find Finds a value in a series.
select Finds an associated value in a series.
replace Searches and replaces values in a series.
parse Parses values in a series.

Ordering Functions

Function Description
sort Sorts the values in a series into an order.
reverse Reverse the order of values in a series

Data Set (Group) Functions

Function Description
unique Returns a unique set of values, removing duplicates.
intersect Returns only the values found in both series.
union Returns the combined values from two series.
exclude Returns one series less another.
difference Returns the values not found in either series.

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