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Clean-path - Function Summary


Cleans-up '.' and '..' in path; returns the cleaned path.


clean-path target


target - The target argument. (must be: file url)


Rebuilds a directory path after decoding parent (..) and current (.) path indicators.

    probe clean-path %com/www/../../../graphics/image.jpg

    messy-path: %/rebol/scripts/neat-stuff/../../experiments/./tests
    neat-path: clean-path messy-path
    probe neat-path

URLs are returned unmodified (because the true paths may not be known).


change-dir - Changes the active directory path.
dir? - Returns TRUE if a file or URL is a directory.
list-dir - Prints a multi-column sorted listing of a directory.
split-path - Splits a file or URL path. Returns a block containing path and target.

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