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Choose - Function Summary


Generates a choice selector menu, vertical or horizontal.


choose choices function


choices - Block of items to display (must be: block)

function - Function to call on selection (must be: function none)


/style - The style refinement.

styl - The style choice button (must be: object)

/window - The window refinement.

winf - The parent window to appear in (must be: object)

/offset - The offset refinement.

xy - Offset of choice box (must be: pair)

/across - Use horizontal layout


This function pops-up a list of choices for user selection. The function does not return until the user has picked one of the choices or clicked outside of the popup area.

The CHOOSE function takes a block of choices as its first argument. Its second argument is a function that is called when a choice has been made.

    choose ["A" "B" "C"] func [face btn] [print face/text]

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