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Investigating Ubuntu Linux 10 Problem

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Jul-2010 18:21 GMT

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There have been some reports that R2.7 has problems on Ubuntu Linux 10. We've confirmed that this is true and are investigating. It appears to be some problem related to specific elements of the graphics engine, but this is only a quick assessment.

We'll take a closer look and see if we can figure out the problem. If not, we'll try doing a native build for Ubuntu 10, and see how that does.

An OS Guru's Sidenote:

I was looking forward to trying Ubuntu 10...

What I found was "very pretty", meaning it has nice graphics, but someone in the Ubuntu project needs to be put in charge of the end-user experience, because quite frankly, it's poor. I was yet again disappointed. (BTW, I've been using Linux since 1993 and eagerly waiting for the day when it would become the OS for more than just us geeks.)

In fact, in some regards I'd say its gone backwards from previous releases. Yes, I know the "powers of Ubuntu-land" seek greater OS market share, and certainly with the havoc and chaos that Vista and Windows-7 have hoisted on the greater application marketplace (legacy apps have major problems) there is a huge opportunity here.

But the dream of Linux for all desktops still has some major hurdles if this is the best they can do. I was thinking about making a YouTube video of my experience and pointing out the problems along the way, but sorry, I just don't have the time with all the other things I'm working on.

Hopefully, someone on the Ubuntu project will emerge as a strong leader of end-user usability, and next time we'll see more than just another pretty Gnome.

PS: Please don't write telling me how wonderful it is. I've heard that a thousand times before. Sure, Linux has many, many nice features, but that's a different dimension than truly perfecting usability to the general public. No, instead, I want you to ponder the "Linux Dream" statement from about 1998 that within a few years (meaning by roughly 2002) Linux would dominate the desktop market, not just for techies, but for all computer users.

As of 2010, my parents don't use it, my wife doesn't use it (as much as I've urged her to do so), my kids don't use it (well, one toys with it from time to time), nor do any of my neighbors or other non-tech friends. Contemplate that for a minute, or more accurately, put that in your Slackware pipe and smoke it.

Honestly, sometimes I think there are Microsoft trolls lurking behind the scenes in the Linux development universe. Think about it.


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