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Request for Roadmaps

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
24-Jun-2010 17:41 GMT

Article #0481
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There's been a request... well, to say it more bluntly: strong community pressure to return to publishing information about our development direction and progress.

I see this has become a trend on many other software development sites: they publish a roadmap for development. Actually, I must admit that I find those documents useful as well. It helps show where things are headed and the scope of what's involved.

On some websites the roadmap is generated from the development tracking system being used. I don't really like those as much, because the summary lines are too short and mysterious, and the justifications of priorities are unclear.

So, I'll be using a single wiki page called roadmap.html... easy to update and manage. Look for the link on the community page.


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