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Investigating Scrum for Project Development

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
16-Jun-2010 20:19 GMT

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In the game of rugby, a scrum is a method of starting play. The name comes from scrummage, a modification of the word scrimmage.

In the product development domain, a scrum is a development process that defines the roles of participants along with project objectives organized in incremental, achievable sprints. It's often referred to as an agile framework because progress is made in short, well-defined bursts of activity, rather than with traditional planning methods (which tend to fall apart under the complexity scales of modern software development.)

This burst mode of operations also tends to fit well with common human behavior allowing team members to focus their attention on specific tasks and not be distracted with other projects or issues. I know from my own experience that this burst mode is how I personally operate to get anything done (in just about any domain, not just software.)

Here's a brief easy-to-read summary of the scrum method as posted on the Scrum Alliance. Scrum values "individuals and interactions over processes and tools, completed functionality over comprehensive documentation, ..."

Robert Muench recently suggested that this approach would work well for REBOL-related projects, and I'm very interested to give it a try. I'd like to get it started in the next few days... and we're going to need the help of all developers in the community to make this approach succeed.

I plan to say more about this very soon.


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