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R2.7.8 Call for Critical Fixes

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
19-Mar-2010 17:07 GMT

Article #0466
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Once again it has come time to update R2. The next release will be 2.7.8.

The main purposes of this release is to improve the installer, and make a few minor improvements to the windows registry functions, associations, and run/launch. We want to make REBOL work better on newer versions of that OS.

This is also a "window" for fixing other critical bugs. But, the window isn't wide, so submit it as a fix or as a reproducible bug. There's no time for mystery bug investigation.

You can post your fixes in R3 Chat #7069 (R2/Releases/R2.7.8) or in the comments area below.

Here's the current Plan for 2.7.8


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