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Don't forget CALL/show... like I did.

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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24-Mar-2010 22:34 GMT

Article #0467
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While working on a few apps in 2.7, I noticed that call seemed to not work at times. For example, if I evaluated this line (on XP):

call "explorer"

nothing would happen, but:

call/show "explorer"

did what I expected: it opened the explorer window.

The same problem happened when installing a new AltME built using 2.7.8 (in development). The splash window would appear, but the main window would not not. However, the process was running; it just had no windows open. Of course, such things make the installation process quite unfriendly.

If you're seeing a number of rebol.exe processes in your task manager list, but no REBOL windows, you may be having a similar problem. That is, when using call you didn't provide a /show refinement.

This result was not intentional. It was meant to keep the shell window from popping up when you opened the explorer, but obviously the CreateProcess() wShowWindow option applies to the shell's children as well.

I've begun to wonder if we got the default backwards. Perhaps the default should be to show, and we provide a /hide refinement to hide the window.

This can be changed in 2.7.8. Let me know your thoughts.


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