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Tutorial on sending GUI data to a server

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-Nov-2009 7:03 GMT

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Last week a new user contacted me asking how to send data from a REBOL GUI input form to a server.

My initial thought was that there were many well known examples of how to do that. After all, we use such REBOL scripts everyday at RT for processing our feedback, operating our websites, and running various other remote services.

Unfortunately, several minutes of Google searching produced no obvious results. Perhaps it's one of those things that was once such common knowledge, we did not make a big point out of discussing it?

Wow. That's a bit unfortunate. Such code makes a great example of how to use REBOL to do quick and useful applets. I wasn't aware such information was difficult to locate.

Anyway, I promised the new user that I'd get an example posted soon. Although I was busy with several other projects, I managed to find time late tonight to add a new page to the REBOL tutorial.

You will now find a new section called GUI Form and Submit to Server. It's simple and shows how to build a feedback form in REBOL and submit it to a CGI script for processing.

Let me know if you spot any typos or have suggestions for improvement. Thanks.


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