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R3.0 Plan for November 2009

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
11-Nov-2009 22:20 GMT

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During October

  • R3 Project Plan, the task list, was revised, updated, and reformatted.
  • Ten new alpha releases, with dozens of fixes and improvements. Although we didn't hit our 80-ticket goal, we did reach the milestone of closing more than 1000 tickets. The CureCode tracker progress chart looks like this as of the first week of November:

  • More improvements and fixes were made to the parse function, basically wrapping up its primary enhancements for 3.0. Read the R3 Change Log for specific details.
  • Unicode format detection added to READ/string, including UTF-16 decoding.
  • Serious revisions to standard I/O handling. Note that I/O redirection is now functioning, so we posted an example CGI script on for testing.
  • Began pulling together marketing ideas, including many user suggestions. The goal being to build a better marketing plan, which also will be reflected on our website. I'd like to thank those of you who contributed marketing ideas. A lot to think about there.
  • Opened REBOL Consulting again to provide commercial development and support services.

Goals for November

It's a busy month, so we're keeping the list simple:

  • Personally, I'd like the marketing plan to be settled, with the start of website changes to reflect it.
  • Release the Host environment, including source code and makefiles to key developers for testing and review.
  • Check-off more tasks from the Project Plan.


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