Comments on: Tutorial on sending GUI data to a server
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Comments on: Tutorial on sending GUI data to a server

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-Nov-2009 7:03 GMT

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Last week a new user contacted me asking how to send data from a REBOL GUI input form to a server.

My initial thought was that there were many well known examples of how to do that. After all, we use such REBOL scripts everyday at RT for processing our feedback, operating our websites, and running various other remote services.

Unfortunately, several minutes of Google searching produced no obvious results. Perhaps it's one of those things that was once such common knowledge, we did not make a big point out of discussing it?

Wow. That's a bit unfortunate. Such code makes a great example of how to use REBOL to do quick and useful applets. I wasn't aware such information was difficult to locate.

Anyway, I promised the new user that I'd get an example posted soon. Although I was busy with several other projects, I managed to find time late tonight to add a new page to the REBOL tutorial.

You will now find a new section called GUI Form and Submit to Server. It's simple and shows how to build a feedback form in REBOL and submit it to a CGI script for processing.

Let me know if you spot any typos or have suggestions for improvement. Thanks.



16-Nov-2009 6:11:41
That covers a lot of ground :)

replace "Two of the most common methods are:" "Two" "Three"

16-Nov-2009 6:33:35
Perhaps a bit about receiving binary files using Andreas Bolka's decode-multipart-form-data function would be helpful too. That's covered at, but I only dealt with how to upload using HTML forms there, no VID. The only other documentation I've ever seen for receiving binary attachments via CGI is on the mailing list, and I'd consider that a fundamental requirement for many users.
16-Nov-2009 6:40:33
Grrrr :( I had to use a proxy browser again because the blog thought that my second comment was spam, and they changed my link above. The _printed_ URL above is correct - the link that opens up is not what I typed.
Steven White
16-Nov-2009 12:25:07
Thank you. I did not know that one could put a REBOL front-end on a CGI script. I thought that a CGI script could be called only from and HTML form. I am working on something of that nature right now.

This example does seem, to me, to contain a symbol of one of my personal complaints about REBOL. I see a reference to a function called "get-face," but I am not able to find out where it is defined. It is not defined in the scripts, it is not mentioned in the REBOL dictionary on the REBOL web site, I don't find it in any of the documents about REBOL/View. How is one supposed to learn about this stuff? Trial and error is so horribly slow. It seems like there is a lot of genius out there on the internet, lost, for want of documentation.

Brian Tiffin
16-Nov-2009 15:31:58
Steven; yep, a little hidden, but out there.

Listed on the documents page as REBOL/View 1.3 Change Summary.

Both the Core and View main browsable documents have updates that are not merged back into those main docs.

The other one to watch for is REBOL/Core Changes (and even these are out of whack with the reality that is 2.7.6; a situation that should be made a lot more tolerable with the new R3, as we all get to throw hands to the documentation oars...

16-Nov-2009 21:31:43
Steven, I prefer the REBOL word browser over the online HTML dictionary because it's more up to date, and you can save a local copy of it. In the beginning, I had that open every day. Click the REBOL Viewtop -> Docs -> Word Browser.
17-Nov-2009 23:12:50 may also be of interest

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