Comments on: R3.0 Plan for November 2009
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Comments on: R3.0 Plan for November 2009

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
11-Nov-2009 22:20 GMT

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During October

  • R3 Project Plan, the task list, was revised, updated, and reformatted.
  • Ten new alpha releases, with dozens of fixes and improvements. Although we didn't hit our 80-ticket goal, we did reach the milestone of closing more than 1000 tickets. The CureCode tracker progress chart looks like this as of the first week of November:

  • More improvements and fixes were made to the parse function, basically wrapping up its primary enhancements for 3.0. Read the R3 Change Log for specific details.
  • Unicode format detection added to READ/string, including UTF-16 decoding.
  • Serious revisions to standard I/O handling. Note that I/O redirection is now functioning, so we posted an example CGI script on for testing.
  • Began pulling together marketing ideas, including many user suggestions. The goal being to build a better marketing plan, which also will be reflected on our website. I'd like to thank those of you who contributed marketing ideas. A lot to think about there.
  • Opened REBOL Consulting again to provide commercial development and support services.

Goals for November

It's a busy month, so we're keeping the list simple:

  • Personally, I'd like the marketing plan to be settled, with the start of website changes to reflect it.
  • Release the Host environment, including source code and makefiles to key developers for testing and review.
  • Check-off more tasks from the Project Plan.



12-Nov-2009 2:59:47

The R3 Project Plan page shows: Updated 28-Oct-2008




12-Nov-2009 10:26:58
Wrapping up R3? Does that mean we have get-modes capabilities back?
13-Nov-2009 3:31:28
Hi Carl,

First, thanks for these "R3.0 Plan" blog posts, it's thrilling to see R3.0 going closer and closer to beta stage... I just want to have information on a small detail : when do you plan to add handling of PROXY for all supported network schemes in R3 ? Actually, I ask that because, I look forward to playing with R3 network capabilities (to Internet) at work, and, as in lots of companies, I access Internet through a proxy server ! Currently, fetching a new R3 build or the R3 GUI demo is impossible through a proxy, am I wrong ?

Thanks if you can give us news/plan on that. By the way, is it included in a task on the R3 task list ?

13-Nov-2009 5:15:05
Hi Carl,

About extensions, do you plan to implement a callback mechanism, or is it included in "device interface for extensions" ?

Carl Sassenrath
13-Nov-2009 14:20:08
Luis: thanks, updated timestamp.

Paul: it's in the works.

Deglingo: Proxy is needed. The plan is to put it in the host code if possible... to make it work with as many proxy standards as developers want to support. It's been added to the project list.

Jocko: Since there are various types of callbacks, they need to be defined (e.g. C vs REBOL callback.)

13-Nov-2009 22:22
Carl, what do you mean by putting proxy support into host code? I thought host code is C level? In R2, proxy was supported at mezzanine level, in schemes, no? Just curious...
Brian Hawley
16-Nov-2009 9:43:51
Pekr, there are some proxy methods (mostly on Windows) that need to be done with native support. Those aren't supported at all on R2, though Doc has made some third-party stuff in some cases with DLL wrappers. If we want comprehensive proxy support, we have to go native.
17-Nov-2009 12:52:07
Brian - really? I thought we are talking highere level protocols here. Just above TCP or UDP, so should be doable at mezzanine level, although maybe not so fast? I am just curious where is the boundary, as I remember in the past some devs suggested to use even native ftp, http, dismissing schemes done in mezzanine level ...
17-Nov-2009 14:23:47
Yes, Brian, I remember once having a contract in a company where Rebol 2.0 Core/View was not able to access Internet through a proxy (customized by an IT engineer) although proxy parameters were correctly set in the file "user.r" (maybe because of a non-supported proxy method). It was so frustrating not to be able to use Rebol in this company... Now, I'm in a company where I access Internet with Rebol 2.7.6 through a proxy without facing any issue. Having Rebol 3.0 with proxy support may be important to start showing its powerful capabilities in the "companies" world...
20-Nov-2009 12:56:06
Hi Carl,

I was wondering : are Rebol/Services (LNS) already included in R3 Builds ? If yes, so we can use it as long as there is no proxy between client and server, right ?

20-Nov-2009 19:18:15

AFAIK, REBOL/Services are not included into R3. R/S are subject to revision, and I would not expect them being part of upcoming beta release ... but I don't know for sure - just my guess ...

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