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Regarding outages

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
16-Oct-2009 23:05 GMT

Article #0433
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I've been seeing connection outages on (the developer site) quite often.

I wanted to give it a couple weeks to see if the situation would improve, but it seems to remain a problem.

The ISP, who I must note provides this site as a free service to the REBOL community, is aware of the problem.

We have begun to formulate a solution. We are considering:

  1. Physically relocating the primary webserver to where it has better access.
  2. Replacing the server with faster hardware (but only if the step above can be done.)
  3. Moving the mail list to another server at a different center (off the subnet.)

Several REBOLers are involved in helping with this, and the plan is to make it happen over the next couple weeks. It is more than likely that new mail list software would be required.

If you have insights or can help out, post a comment or send me a feedback. Thanks.


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