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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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21-Dec-2008 20:19 GMT

Article #0383
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An old REBOL friend recently suggested I use Twitter to post messages about R3 progress. I thought about it for a bit, and it seemed like a good idea. After all, I want to communicate more, and I like things that help make REBOL more visible on the web. If I can do both at the same time, then it seems like a win.

So, last week, I visited Twitter, but the site was down. Then again, as I began writing this blog, I checked Twitter: "Server not found."

Maybe that's a message of some kind? It prompted me to Google "twitter down" -- the results of which made me rethink my Twitter strategy.

Sorry, I'm not bashing Twitter. The idea of "What are you doing right now" is a feature I implemented in REBOL/IOS seven years ago... just to help organizations and their members keep track of each other's status. It's useful.

But, with Twitter twitching like that, let's just say it was a nudge to think more deeply about what I really wanted.

My goal is to communicate more about what's going on.

It's really that simple. Certainly, using a "featherweight" method for doing that is handy. If it only takes a minute or two, then it's more likely I will be inclined to keep it up-to-date.

Putting the "feed" somewhere like Twitter may be nice, but it's really not critical. I can trade the "make REBOL more visible over big public websites" objective for "keep the community more up-to-date on progress, but without a hassle." Do you agree?

And, in the end, if I keep my messages short, posting to this blog and/or the 3.0 Frontline isn't going to be any more difficult than Twitter.


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