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Comments on: The Twitter Twitch

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
21-Dec-2008 20:19 GMT

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An old REBOL friend recently suggested I use Twitter to post messages about R3 progress. I thought about it for a bit, and it seemed like a good idea. After all, I want to communicate more, and I like things that help make REBOL more visible on the web. If I can do both at the same time, then it seems like a win.

So, last week, I visited Twitter, but the site was down. Then again, as I began writing this blog, I checked Twitter: "Server not found."

Maybe that's a message of some kind? It prompted me to Google "twitter down" -- the results of which made me rethink my Twitter strategy.

Sorry, I'm not bashing Twitter. The idea of "What are you doing right now" is a feature I implemented in REBOL/IOS seven years ago... just to help organizations and their members keep track of each other's status. It's useful.

But, with Twitter twitching like that, let's just say it was a nudge to think more deeply about what I really wanted.

My goal is to communicate more about what's going on.

It's really that simple. Certainly, using a "featherweight" method for doing that is handy. If it only takes a minute or two, then it's more likely I will be inclined to keep it up-to-date.

Putting the "feed" somewhere like Twitter may be nice, but it's really not critical. I can trade the "make REBOL more visible over big public websites" objective for "keep the community more up-to-date on progress, but without a hassle." Do you agree?

And, in the end, if I keep my messages short, posting to this blog and/or the 3.0 Frontline isn't going to be any more difficult than Twitter.



21-Dec-2008 16:16:08
I agree with you, just here is ok
Janko Metelko
21-Dec-2008 16:53:20
Twitter has some stability problems but is useful because a lot of tech (web 2.0) people are there. I don't use it for "what are you doing" stuff but I do use it for announcements and communication. It would be great to see Rebol there too, I would certainly "follow" it and I am sure it would gain some more visibility through it.
Carl Sassenrath
21-Dec-2008 18:42:20
That's good to know. Perhaps we should add it in the future as part of our announcement "method".
21-Dec-2008 20:28:55
In my opinon, any mainstream method of communication is effective. As long as "web 1.0" continues to be part of everyone's daily activities, I think that people who are interested will find and take part in the conversation. It never hurts to search out additional popular channels, but this works for me :)
21-Dec-2008 21:05:02
Carl, is THE most important hub and resource. The channels that you link to ARE the channels that people will explore. In my opinion, you should display the current significant communication channels more prominently. AltME, the mailing list, the REBOL talk forum, and RebolBB should all have clear links, descriptions, and instructions for use, and all within 1 click of the home page. Add "forums", "community" or some such link to the menu on the left side of the main pages, and point people in the right direction(s). If they're interested, they'll take part. I imagine that making a concentrated effort in this regard would have a dramatic impact on improving promotion and growing the REBOL community, and that would help all of your end goals in a significant way...
Janko Metelko
22-Dec-2008 1:34:35
You can also use REBOL to automatically cross-post (but the message has to be in 140chars). Twitter has an API and we all know rebol is good at connecting to things viw web. This is just quick func :)

>> twit: func [ s ] [ read/custom turl reduce [ 'post join "status=" s ] ] ] twit "Rebol likes birds and whales!"

22-Dec-2008 1:47:37
Carl, in our private chat on r3-alpha world, I outlined how the "community" section could look like. Supporting another channel is good, but let's automate it somehow, because there is nothing worse than xy sporadically supported channels - it is better to have fewer once, well supported. So far I find blog plus RSS being sufficient ...

And - as you speek about R3 and its status - what is the status? :-) A Christmass blog article maybe?

Tom Olsen
22-Dec-2008 10:47:57
Sounds more like a people problem than a technology problem. Maybe a type of rube goldberg device would be in order, i.e., a contraption to kick you in the rear until you take 90 seconds to post a brief message twice a week. You could even call it 'The Mechanical Pekr'.
22-Dec-2008 12:12:20
Mechanical me, I think I like it :-)
22-Dec-2008 19:57:02
Hey, Carl, if you create a Myspace page, you can add all the REBOLers to your Friend Space and any Bulletins posted are immediately received by them. Also, they can get notified of any new blog entries. Most notify features can be turned on or off (at either end - you, or them). Private blog entries for certain designated friends, and so forth.


22-Dec-2008 19:58:51
Oh yeah. Here's someone you may know of, who has one... :)
Carl Read
23-Dec-2008 12:04:51
I almost suggested Twitter in response to your last post about a better form of communication - but it would've been a joke suggestion. Being forced to limit your comments to 140 chrs is an excellent way to make your comments take longer to write. "I would've made this letter shorter, but I didn't have the time." etc.

And I assume you can see the irony in looking outside of REBOL, a supposed messaging language, for a good way to communicate?

23-Dec-2008 13:48:11
Well, that goes back to 'eat your own dogfood', doesn't it now? :-)

Okay. So if REBOL is 'all that', then 'do all that'. There's your solution, Carl. - the hub for everything. The total Rebol experience. Written in Rebol. Served up by Rebol server software, etc.

Sort of like "Forget all you know. There is nothing else outside your world. Your world is all you have... Now, what do you do?"

Rebol forum Rebol chat Rebol ftp server Rebol web server Rebol feeds

:) Merry Christmas, Carl. Now, get busy! Heh.

Janko Metelko
25-Dec-2008 14:58:39
I just think that rebol lives is a somewhat closed-in universe and it wouldn't hurt if it gets more visible in various other channels where people that know nothing about rebol are. But I agree with -pekr- "there is nothing worse than xy sporadically supported channels - it is better to have fewer once, well supported"..
1-Jan-2009 12:59:31
Hey Carl, if you don't already run the rebol site from your own dedicated T1 line, you might get one, and put your site on one of these babies:

The MTRON PRO 7500 3.5" 128GB SATA SOLID-STATE DRIVE. :-D (yeah, the price could be much cheaper, of course)

But 130MB PER SECOND Read speed, and 120MB PER SECOND Write speed. 0.1 millisecond access time.

When prices drop enough, I'm putting Vista Ultimate on one, for near instant-on. (mine already boots in 30-to-45 seconds to the password screen, and another 3-to-5 seconds from that to desktop). SSD will no doubt shave off quite a bit of load time. Rather zippy. :)

15-Jan-2009 9:01:59
a BAD thing about Twitter, myspace,... is that access is often blocked from big companies. That means, you won't get real professionals., are NOT blocked ...

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