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Network Solutions Problem Causes Outage

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
10-Mar-2005 23:59 GMT

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Some of you have no doubt noticed that the domain went offline recently, making it difficult to access REBOL product information, downloads, online documentation, order system, feedback system, email, and other services.

This outage occurred when Network Solutions terminated our domain name registration a year earlier than expected. According to current "whois" databases, the account did not expire until March of 2006. According to sources at Network Solutions, the whois database "is wrong about the expiration dates for some reason".

Upon our investigation, we found that according to a Verisign FAQ domains that expire are automatically renewed for a one year grace period anyway, which makes you wonder why the domain went offline in the first place. In addition, Network Solutions did not contact us recently about anything, so it was a big surprise (not the kind you like, either). They said the contact problem was due to a different error in their database where the "primary contact" for was listed literally as "primary contact", not as a real person. (That sounds like a database conversion error to us computer guys!)

Anyway, the situation has been fixed and the DNS caches should be returning to normal soon to allow you to access again. If you notice any other problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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