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Mail List Slowed by Domain Outage

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
11-Mar-2005 17:32 GMT

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The short domain outage described in my previous blog will have a serious, although temporary, impact on the REBOL email list.

This occurs because email sent to and from the list is routed through our mail server. With that domain off-line, not only will email sent to the list bounce, but certain types of spam filters may also reject messages that appear to be from a nonexistent domain.

At this time Ecartis has temporarily suspended email delivery to 216 members of the mail list. Because of that you may not be receiving mail list messages that were sent over the last couple days. I know this as a fact, because I am one of the persons on the suspended list. The Ecartis system is programmed to reactivate these suspended accounts after a few days. During that time we advise against attempting to resubscribe to the list. Your e-mail messages should get delivered when your account is reactivated.

Just a small note to avoid possible confusion: Ecartis is an open source mail list server written in C. Ecartis is not written in REBOL and has nothing to do with REBOL other than process our mail list. You can find out more about Ecartis at

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