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Blog Silence - A Good Thing

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
9-Mar-2005 0:45 GMT

Article #0135
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Some of you may be wondering what's going on with the blog, and why it has been so silent recently.

I just want to mention that this is a good thing. When the blog goes silent, it means I'm in tunnel-vision mode. I've shut off multitasking. For you OS types, I've executed the FORBID function of the Amiga OS kernel.

In other words, I'm focused on a specific goal that has raised itself to a high priority. In this specific case, the goal is the first alpha release of REBOL/Services.

I'm sure that those of you who have been involved in the release of any new technology or products know exactly what I mean and why it must be done.

So, that's the reason for the silence. I hope this message helps you to understand it better.

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