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Most software systems have become needlessly complex. We rebel against that complexity, fighting it with the most powerful tool available, language itself.

The website is moving servers. Access to some pages may fail for a short period.

Rebol Status

  • If you are new to Rebol, we encourage you to dive in and learn a somewhat different way to program. Go to the Documents section for tutorials and examples.
  • The developer site is online again with the prior structure and content. Some services are still offline. We know about these problems and will fix them as soon as possible.
  • Rebol 2 is still available here. It is no longer supported, but we have a small maintenance fix planned and will make it available. Watch this page for announcements.
  • Rebol 3 is widely available via and other web sites. It is open source under Apache 2.0 (free and free).
  • More information on plans for Rebol will be made available.


R3 Quick Reference Card

A useful resource for new programmers who want to see the primary functions and types in a single glance.


What is REBOL?
Un-bloat your software.

Tutorials, Examples
Many ways to start.


Rebol 3 downloads
Latest builds

Rebol on StackOverflow
A very active forum

Carl's REBOL Blog
Vive la REBOLution!

Rebol interpreter source
Open source archive (git)

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