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Most software systems have become needlessly complex. We rebel against that complexity, fighting it with the most powerful tool available, language itself.

REBOL is not a traditional computer language. It's not for everyone. It's for thinkers and doers -- those who want more power and flexibility in their language, and those who want to solve computing problems in smarter more elegant ways. REBOL Overview for Scientists, Engineers, Professors, Programmers


Rebol is Open Source - Apache 2.0 License


R3 Quick Reference Card

A useful resource for new programmers who want to see the primary functions and types in a single glance.


What is REBOL?
Un-bloat your software.

Tutorials, Examples
Many ways to start.


New Rebol file suffix
The time has come for .reb

Recode 2013
A snapshot of the conference

Reworking Rebol sites
A major community project is getting underway outages expected
While the site gets reimagined and rebuilt


Rebol on StackOverflow
A very active forum

Carl's REBOL Blog
Vive la REBOLution!

Rebol interpreter source
Open source archive (git)

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