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R3 Host-Kit Source Access via Git

Updated: 12-Mar-2024/3:44:11 UTC (F5 to reload)


R3/Host-Kit sources are available via

This is how we will be controlling/maintaining sources in the future. It's still experimental, but we hope that this method makes for more rapid community distribution and development of the Host-Kit.

Why Git?

Git is a distributed revision control system that has become popular in recent years. Basic usage is simple.

In a nutshell:

  1. You clone a copy of the entire repository. You can stop here if you want.
  2. Optionally, you can pull or fetch updates when they are made.
  3. Optionally, you can contribute changes, you push them back.


The main repository will be stored on, which provides a decent website with various useful features. You do not need an account to download sources. In fact, you don't even need git to download, you can use HTTP.

Source Download

Under construction: the URLs are for testing, not final.


Anyone can download the Host-Kit source as a gzip/zip archive. You do not need a github account.

For quick reference to developers, the URL will also be posted to REBOL 3 Change Log: 2010.

Via Git

If you want to use git to download the source, you will need a git client. This method gives you a lot more control over how you sync-up change to the repository.

Git clients come in a few varieties: Git Downloads

For windows, we recommend: msysgit. The shell client is about 12MB. (See note below regarding line terminators.)

The command to obtain the entire repository is:

git clone git://  (temp for testing)

You do not need a user account.

Via Subversion

Subversion access is also provided to the Github repositories:

svn co (temp)

Uploading Source Changes

Line terminators: our official repository uses LF ("Unix") line endings. But, you can set your client to use other endings. See note below.

To contribute changes to the Host-Kit source:

  1. Obtain a account
  2. Fork (clone) the Host-Kit repository to your account (this is your own copy)
  3. From your git client, push (upload) your changes to your repository
  4. Inform us of your changes

We will review your submissions and go from there.

Line Terminators

The Host-Kit source files use LF (line feed) terminators. That's also the official line terminator used by REBOL strings.

However, if you want, you can set the core.autocrlf option true in the config for Git, and it will convert the sources to your local format for your editing convenience. Then, it will restore them to LF if you push changes back.

Push Method

Here's an example of how a push is done from the local repository to the github one.

Note: You will need to provide a public ssh key to github first.

git remote add origin
git push origin master

Git Resources


(If you know of other good ones, tell me -Carl)

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