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REBOL 3 Functions: what

what  name  /args

Prints a list of known functions.


name [word! lit-word! unset!] - Optional module name


/args - Show arguments not titles

See also:

help   ?  


The what function lists globally exported functions and their titles or arguments.

For example:

>> what
about               Information about REBOL
abs                 Returns the absolute value.
absolute            Returns the absolute value.
action              Creates datatype action (for internal usage only).
action?             Returns TRUE if it is this type.
add                 Returns the result of adding two values.
ajoin               Reduces and joins a block of values into a new string.
alias               Creates an alternate spelling for a word.

To see function arguments use:

>> what/args
about                 []
abs                   [value]
absolute              [value]
action?               [value]
add                   [value1 value2]
ajoin                 [block]

Also see the help function which allows searching for functions.

Module Export Lists

To see a list of functions for a specific module, provide the module name:

what module-name

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