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What Users Say About REBOL

All quotes used with permission.

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Rob McCormack - President, MoneyTree Software:

"You have a great product, and I think it will change 'everything'. I have never been so excited about a programming/scripting language as I am about Rebol! I have tried most of the demos on your site, and didn't have one problem - not one (just try that with Java/Java Applets/Perl/ASP). In less than one hour, I had .r cgi's running on my NT Server Development machine. I am tempted to drop everything I am working on and concentrate on Rebol."

Eddie Newton:

"I am relatively new to REBOL, but enjoy the benefits of REBOL's unique characteristics. I am using REBOL/core for my applications on the intranet at the XYZ Chemical Company. I have been concentrating on utilizing REBOL's IP connectivity to control a robotic webcam and as a web server."

Sean - EDS Systemhouse/Information Associate:

"I would just like to know if Rebol Technologies has a public stock offering. The way Rebol is moving it is destined for greatness."

Said Rabet, Netplus, Inc.:

"Hi, I have been using for couple of the months now, and I really like it a lot. Thank you for such a great work. I can't wait until I use your REBOL/Command. This is the best thing I have seen in the computer industry, and believe me I have been around. Keep up your excellent work and thank you again for your generosity."

James Nakakihara:

"'If you only knew the power!' is what I tell my close programming friends concerning REBOL. With it you can create some of the most powerful and time-saving tools. The world may yet not grasp its significance but I do and I love it. Ironically REBOL is just like the Amiga with its amazing 'best-kept-secret' capabilites. Then again, perhaps it's not so ironic due to Carl's involvement with both. Keep up the good work."

Mark Vetanen:

"Thank you for developing this language. I do Internet Data mining for a living and REBOL has done what in a few lines of code has taken a lot of Perl code to do."

Justin Patrizi:

"REBOL is the coolest thing I've seen in quite some time! I picked it up and in one day learned the language and made a USEFUL program in 5 lines! God help anyone trying to do that with Perl!

Lothar Kaiser:

"Great job. This language is surprising me every day. Power at ease. Keep on rockin'."

Don Bledsoe:

Customer Support: "This may not seem like much to you, but as a former amateur-hacker-programmer, to write a little program (with your generous help) that actually does something my company NEEDS done is -- well, euphoric....I am truly the almost non-programmer that's supposed to be able to learn REBOL, so -- God knows -- if I can learn it, ANYONE can."

William Smith:

"I've been trying all sorts of things with REBOL since I was pointed to it last week. I am really impressed! Things that I have been reluctant to write or do in Perl (I don't like to install too many modules), I can do with REBOL from the language's default commands. I've been working on all kinds of projects in Perl, trying to decide which machines have the space for Perl and its libraries. After seeing REBOL, I am bordering on euphoria; I can install REBOL on a machine without worrying about space constraints, and the programs will run the same on Solaris, Lunux, and WINDOWS! :) is good."

Christian Nielsen:

"I saw the value and power right away. The test came when I needed to come up with an email merge program for a recent project. Using a sample script to start, I was able to create a program to generate the custom email I needed. I can't wait until the first book is published and I can really learn all that REBOL has to offer."

Daryl Smith:

"Very slick product you've developed! After playing with REBOL on both Win95 and Win98 machines, I downloaded the Windows CE version. Without a hitch, I can now port the scripts I use on my desktop to my CE palmtop! In the future, I plan to do the same with REBOL on my Linux box at home. Also, I love the easy, no-hassle, copy-n-run installation. A refreshing change after installing MS products that never quite leave my machine the same! Keep up the good work!"

Zia Hameed Toor:

"Absolutely fantastic!!! For the first time, someone has recognized that simplicity is a virtue in a complex programming / networking / scripting environment."

Fritz Boettger:

"I just (downloaded) your cool app. It is truly amazing... Your site is informative and the abundance of scripts is very instructive."

Jan Gautvik:

"I have ONE thing to say! I love your program! I've just downloaded it and the possibilities are infinite! Thank you!"

William Graham:

"I discovered REBOL this morning, have been evangelizing at my company all day, and may just devote the rest of my life to this language. It has truly had that much of an effect on me. I can't remember when I have been this excited about a technology. Thank you!"

Simon Jones:

"I have only just started dablling with this amazing language, but I already know my first-born child will be named REBOL in its honour. :-). I look forward to using REBOL on all the platforms I work with (Amiga, Windows, OS400). Keep up the incredible work.

Josh Howlett

"I can't tell you how impressed I am with REBOL -- pure networking nirvana. I am doing so many cool things! Thank you. I have seen the future... Congratulations!."

Brian Casiello:

"Cool stuff! ... No crashes, everything I've tried seems to work great... Keep up the good work!"

Michael Edwards:

"I've looked at REBOL, and it's great. The simplicity of power is overwhelming compared to Perl. REBOL can do lots of things."

Dave MacLachlan:

"I love this language! Please keep up the excellent work!"

Ian Marsman:

"I find REBOL to be refreshing and intriguing in its possibilities. Thanks for making it available."

John Gardner:

"Just got version 2.0. It's great. I can see myself using this more and more."

Earl Parker II of Parker Carburetion:

"I was in the process of learning Perl until I found REBOL. What an improvement over Perl. With your sample scripts as a guide it shouldn't take long to get a working knowledge of the language. Yes, it would be fun to blow the time to learn Java, JavaScript, Perl, etc., but when you're doing this sort of thing for a living,...a scripting language such as REBOL is perfect for those who don't have a lot of time. I have no doubt that you can use REBOL to write highly complex code to do most anything, but the nice part is you can also write some simple code to accomplish a simple task."

Richard McKinley of Rand Technology, Inc.:

"The last time I tried to get mod-perl to compile under NT it took me a week of failure to give up. That is when I tried REBOL...I have never seen a company like REBOL put their binary distributions, so to speak, where their mouth is....REBOL and REBOL Technologies are my saviors. Thank you."

Steve Shireman:

"I do not know of a tool I can purchase, especially for a Windows-based machine, that will give me the power to test TCP/IP protocols like REBOL does. Just wanted to say that REBOL helped me a lot today as I tested and demo (another demo tomorrow) our wireless local loop with email, http, ftp and more. I am ready to throw Perl to the swine. And the automatic documentation facility provided by REBOLdoc.r and the introspection of REBOL (where examples are run generating the documentation) is one of the coolest parts of REBOL. Many of the traditional steps of software (and e-authoring in general) through documentation are eliminated. Maybe the possibility of paperless media being enabled on computers has now begun. The main hurdle now will be for media authors to 'get it'. (And adopt it). Bravo!"

Elan Goldman of Microworks LLC:

"The combination of the new parse function together with the new built-in CGI support really flies. I was able to convert the long string returned from an HTTP server into a simple REBOL list, which, with two lines of code, selected and validated the credit card data. With just a few more lines, I automatically generated either a personalized thank you message, or one informing the customer of the credit card entry error. Now that's a productivity boost!"

Terrence Cox:

"Great job! I am really impressed as to the fact that the first time I took a look at some of the code I could easily understand what was going on. Another thing is this idea of dialecting. Who would've thought of it. I think I am going to spend some time with this."

"As a economist involved in online business development, I've been looking for a genuinely multi-platform scripting language that is powerful enough to do what I need it to do, but doesn't require my going back to school to learn how to use it. REBOL gets the job done. What snagged my attention was the email 'send' command: send "message". For e-commerce CGIs that notify me via email, this is a dream. REBOL is to Python what Python is to Java as far as portability, ease-of-use, and learning curve are concerned."


"I work in the Australian IT industry as a systems administrator at the Southern Hemispheres only Internet Data-Center. First, let me say that REBOL is an excellent product, in fact it redefines excellence. I haven't even spent two hours total with REBOL yet, and I am already blinded by its power. I plan to become fluent in the programming of the language, and introduce it into my workplace."

Anonymous contributor:

"Sure, I know 'it's another scripting language' - but consider that it has support for currency built into it. I don't really see that any where in Perl. Oh yeah, and date arithmetic too. It's really nothing like C or C++, so I'd suggest that all the nay-sayers who've been saying that it is, take a look at it for real. Considering that it's a 150Kb download it really shouldn't take that long... Oh yeah there's another difference from most 'modern' scripting environments, it's small. Yeah - you get all that good stuff in a very tiny package. So, far, after extensive experience with NNTP and HTTP via Perl, I would have to say that REBOL is much much simpler to use, and leverage for a person who just wants to get stuff done."

David B. Alford:

"I looked over REBOL during it's inception, as I was working on an Object Oriented compiler and simulator known as 'e' and specman. I thought at the time, that you need a little more time to mature the product. Version 2.0 seems to have really moved towards a ready to use, kick-butt kind of software."

Petr Krenzelok:

"Thanks to great people at REBOL Technologies for bringing us REBOL, the messaging language."


"Great work! The new REBOL release is a tour-de-force. "


"Thanks for 2.0....I've just a word: <<It's REBOLutionary!>>"

Rosendo Travieso:

"REBOL is amazing. Thanks for developing such a great tool."

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