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REBOL/SDK and Command Developer's Reference

Extended features of the REBOL Software Developer's Kit and Command.

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REBOL/SDK Features

  • SDK Introduction
    Purpose of the SDK, license, support information, distribution file summary, and installation.
  • Development Kernels
    Describes the REBOL program files that are part of the SDK.
  • Encapsulating Programs
    How the SDK works, types of encap programs, how to run them, program arguments, encap headers, error handling.
  • REBOL Preprocessor
    Running the preprocessor, include files, file headers, evaluation commands, conditional commands, and examples.
  • Windows Registry Functions
    Registry structure, standard key handles, registry functions, and examples.
  • Program Customizations
    Setting window caption, changing program icon, handling program arguments, launching, embedding graphics, network settings, self-installing programs.

REBOL/Command Features

  • Database Access
    SQL command interface to external databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Excel, SQLServer, and other ODBC connected databases.
  • Encryption Ports
    High strength standard encryption interface ports including RSA, DSA, Blowfish, AES, Rijndael, Diffie Hellman, and more.
  • External Library Interface
    Direct access to operating system dynamically linked libraries (DLLs) and their functions.
  • FastCGI Web Server Interface
    Improves performance for web server CGI (Common Gateway Interface) using a standard, direct connection method to REBOL scripts.
  • Secure Sockets: SSL/HTTPS
    Client side data encryption across a TCP channel using standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • Command Shell Interface
    Enables REBOL to launch external programs and shell commands as well as redirect input, output, and errors.
  • Sound Ports
    All about loading and generating WAV files and playing them in REBOL.
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