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These books cover the main concepts of REBOL for beginners.

Recommended Books

REBOL - A Programmer's Guide

  • 260 pages
  • Olivier Auverlot and Peter William Alfred Wood
  • English

This is the book we recommend on REBOL. It's practical and to the point, covers all the main topics, including the more advanced features of the language.

REBOL Guide du programmeur

  • 258 pages
  • Olivier Auverlot
  • French

An earlier version of the above book, written in French. Highly recommended.

Older REBOL Books

REBOL Programming

  • 476 pages
  • Olivier Auverlot
  • Éditions Eyrolles
  • French
  • Nov 2001
  • ISBN 2-212-11017-0
  • EAN13 9782212110173
  • Includes REBOL/View (Graphics)

Introduces the main concepts of REBOL and provides examples of how to write specific types of programs.

REBOL For Dummies

  • 408 pages
  • Ralph Roberts
  • Hungry Minds
  • English
  • September 2000
  • ISBN: 0764507451
  • REBOL/Core only

"REBOLers (people who program in REBOL) like to call it a REBOLution..."

REBOL: The Official Guide

  • 731 pages
  • Elan Goldman, John Blanton
  • McGraw-Hill Osborne
  • English
  • July 2000
  • ISBN: 007212279X
  • REBOL/Core only says: "It's easy to get intimate with certain programming languages and not keep a lookout for new and powerful ones on the horizon. REBOL: The Official Guide raises awareness of this fascinating new programming language that is well suited particularly for CGI scripting on the Web."

REBOL/Core 2.3 User Guide

  • 720 pages
  • Carl Sassenrath
  • REBOL Technologies
  • English
  • 2001
  • REBOL/Core only

The standard REBOL/Core manual as found on this website.

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