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REBOL Web Browser Plugin

Allows REBOL applications to run within a standard web browser window.

Revised: 1-Feb-2010
Original: 16-June-2006
Updated information:

Future releases of the browser plugin will be supported in REBOL 3.0 through its open source Host Kit environment.

About the Plugin

REBOL Technologies provides REBOL/Plugin a web browser plugin module for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, and Opera.

The plugin enables Internet developers to quickly create and deploy lightweight browser-hosted REBOL applications that run within the framework of normal web pages.

The REBOL/Plugin is based on REBOL/View, allowing applications to make use of REBOL's unique Visual Interface Dialect (VID) to create high-quality user interfaces that utilize the full power of REBOL. Web applications written in REBOL are smaller and less complicated that those written in other language systems, making web-based applications easier to create and maintain as well as faster to download and update.

Example plugin - Web page with test panel in IE
Example plugin - Web page with test panel in IE

Click here to try it.

Technical Information

The REBOL/Plugin installs automatically (just one click) when a web page references a REBOL-based application. The plugin module is tiny (only 346 KB), making it quick to download, even over telephone-based modems. The plugin also enforces strict security limits to prevent abusive scripts from running unchecked, and also includes a default file sandbox to restrict file and directory accesses.

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