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REBOL With a Cause

The Principles Behind Our Language and Company

By Carl Sassenrath
Revised: 16-Sep-2010
Original: 10-June-1999


We designed the REBOL messaging language for a broad range of users, from rank beginners to seasoned professionals. It was created for anyone faced with solving practical problems in our modern era of computing. REBOL is not just for programmers or the technically inclined.


We measure software languages in terms of productivity. How much effort and how long will it take to get a job done? The idea of getting more done for less effort is the concept of leverage, and our design of REBOL is about maximizing that leverage.


Communications is key. The production, exchange, and interpretation of information is the basis of our modern society. Computers play a critical role in nearly all aspects of communications from preparing documents to presenting graphics, sending email, surfing the Web, etc.


Free from the crowd. Free from the system. Follow your own path. Independence is the cornerstone of progress and innovation. In a chaotic world, being flexible and independent keeps you alive.


In the end we believe computers should serve humans, not the other way around. It's time for us to stop molding ourselves around computers, and start molding computers around what we want. After all, computers are just tools... right?

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