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REBOL 3 Functions: transcode

transcode  source  /next  /only  /error

Translates UTF-8 binary source to values. Returns [value binary].


source [binary!] - Must be Unicode UTF-8 encoded


/next - Translate next complete value (blocks as single value)

/only - Translate only a single value (blocks dissected)

/error - Do not throw errors - return error object as value

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The transcode function translates source code and data into the block value memory format that can be interpreted by REBOL.


The source input to transcode must be Unicode UTF-8. This is a binary! encoded format, and should not be confused with a string!, which is a decoded in-memory indexable string.

If you need to transcode a string, you must convert it to a UTF-8 binary first. This can be done with to-binary.

data: transcode to-binary string
Reduced efficiency

In general, conversions to and from UTF-8 require extra time to for the Unicode conversion process. Therefore, is not a good idea to write REBOL code like TCL or PERL where computations are done on strings.

Don't write code such as:

do append "1 +" n

Because you can just as easily write:

do append [1 +] n



Without refinements, transcode will convert the entire input string.

Refinements are provided for partial translation:

/nextTranslate the next full value. If it is a block, translate the entire block.
/onlyTranslate the next singular value. If it is a block, translate only the first element of the block, and return it within a block.
/errorConvert syntax errors to error objects and output them rather than throwing them as an error.

These refinements can be used in various ways to parse REBOL source a value at a time.


The output from transcode is a block! containing two values:

  1. The translated value, block of values, or error! object.
  2. The binary! source at the point where the translation ended.

For example:

a: to-binary "a b c"
transcode/only a
[a #{20622063}]

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