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R3 DevBase Accounts and Login

How to create an account and login

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Start Up

To get started, type chat at the R3 prompt:

>> chat
Fetching chat...
Script: "DevBase Command Line Interface" Version: 0.1.2 Date: 12-Jan-2009

--- Note: Not logged in. Use LOGIN or NEW-USER.
--- Note: Use ? for help and n for new messages.

(off) guest:>>

So, nothing happened because you need a user account.

The (off) indicator means you are off-line (not logged in).

Create an Account

To create a new user account, type new-user at the prompt:

(off) guest:>> new-user
Username? tester
Password? test123
Full name? Example Tester
Email address?

You will be sent an email message to activate your account.

Your email address will be kept private and will be used to contact you about your account or important changes in the DevBase system. Only the administrative users have access to your email address.


Once you have an account, you will auto login the next time you use chat (as long as you are running R3 in the same location):

>> chat
Fetching chat...
Script: "DevBase Command Line Interface" Version: 0.1.2 Date: 12-Jan-2009
--- Note: login initiated
--- Note: fetching user list
--- Note: checking for new messages
--- Note: there are new messages

  139 A Added k_S87 Carl    recent

Top headings:
    2 H Server admin                            0 admin   9:22 hours ago
    4 H User messages                           0 admin   10 days ago
    5 H General                                 0 admin   6 days ago

--- Note: Use ? for help and n for new messages.


Auto Login

Once you've logged in the first time, your account information is saved in a prefs file (base/prefs.r), and you won't need to login again.

If you want, you can easily modify your prefs.r file to disable auto-login, in which case you'll need to login manually each time.

Manual Login

If you disabled auto-login or if you moved your copy of R3 to another dir (and you didn't move the base directory) you will need to login again.

>> login tester


To logout and quit DevBase type:

>> q

An alias is:

>> exit

Or, if you want to logout but remain in chat (to read messages, etc.), you can type:

>> logout

Change Password

To change your password, type password and enter a new password:

tester:(no topic)>> password
Setting a new password for: tester
Enter new password?

Lost Passwords

Currently, if you lost your password, you need someone with sufficient rank to reset it for you. However, we'll be changing this mechanism to make it possible to send you an email.

Changing User Information

To modify your user information, type set-user at the prompt:

tester:(no topic)>> set-user
Enter new user information.
Press return to keep it the same or hit / to quit:
User name: "tester" ?

Force Quit

To quit chat and R3 immediately, type:

>> quit

Exiting this way is not advised because the server is not informed of your logout, and the server session will remain active until it times out.

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