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R3 DevBase Commands

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DevBase CLI Commands

Note: DevBase is a fast and flexible system. The ease of which code modifications can be made, means that changes could be frequent; especially during early usage as optimization patterns emerge.

Basic Command Syntax

The basic input syntax is:

Most Common Commands

DevBase has many commands, but just a few of them are used often.

Command Description
n List newest messages. This is a quick way to see what's happened recently.
l List messages in the current heading section.
lm List the contents of the most recent messages in the current topic.
b Go back one or more messages in the current topic.
g Goto an embedded #msg or browse to an embedded URL.
. Display the current message again (the one the arrow points to).
.. Go back to the parent topic.
h Show headings for current topic.
who Show users who have logged in recently.
p Post a message into the current heading.
r Reply to the current message.
pp Post a private message that can only be seen by a specific user.
f Search all messages for the given string.
fh Search all headers for the string. An easy way to figure out where to post a new message.
nf List recent file changes and actions (submits, accepts, denies).
lf List the files in the current heading.

List of All Commands

Check recent activity:

Command Description
n list newest messages, with the most recent at the bottom of the list. A common action is to type n followed by lm or lb (to view messages).
nn list only the newest messages since last time you asked for the newest.
nf show all recent file changes over all headings.
nu show newest messages from a specific user
c check for new messages

Browsing messages:

Command Description
top show top level topics (the root for all messages)
h show just the headings for current topic
l list the messages for current topic
lm list message contents. To list just the last 5, use lm 5
lb list current messages to browser. To list just the last 5, use lb 5
lr list related (r) messages, following the thread of the reply path to prior messages
j jump to prior related (r) message. For example, if #751 is a reply to #722, the j will take you to #722.
. show current message (where the arrow is pointing). If the message is a topic heading, enter that topic.
b go back one or more messages. To go back 5, use b 5
alerts show all alerts
web, mobile open the web browser to the mobile webpage for DevBase

Posting messages:

Command Description
p post a message in the current topic. Type lines of text and when done, type "." on a line by itself. To escape from message mode, type "/". To review your current message type "?". To insert the clipboard, type "!".
pp post a private message to another use within the current topic. The message will be kept in the topic, but other users cannot see it.
pu post message to a user in the user's home topic.
r reply to a message

Special actions:

Command Description
.. go to parent topic, that is, go up one topic
f, find search messages for a string
fh search headers for a string. This is useful for quickly locating the topic to post a new message. For example, fh graphics to find graphics discussions.
g goto a link (url or #msg) found in content. If the message contains a URL, the browser will open to it. If the message contains text like #nnnn you will go to that message. If there's more than one, you can select from a list.
t show tags

User listings:

Command Description
who list recent users
users list all users

Help and links:

Command Description
? introduction and command summary
?? list of commands (or find matching command)
help online help via web
docs R3 documentation
bugs R3 bug database
changes Recent R3 changes

File commands

Command Description
list-files, lf list files (detailed)
ls list files (short)
ll list local files (short)
put, submit submit a file (new or updated)
get, fetch fetch a file
more show file contents
edit, ed edit a file
diff, df diff a file
open-dir, od open work directory
clear-dir clear unmodified files from work dir
purge-dir delete all shared files from work dir
sync download all files
rename rename a file
accept accept a file submitted earlier
deny deny a file submitted earlier

Accounts and sessions

Command Description
login login to chat
logout logout of chat
new-user create new user account
password change password
set-user change user info
q logout and quit
quit force quit (session hang)
exit, halt exit to REBOL console

Other commands

Command Description
head create heading (admin)
banner create banner (admin)
alert create alert (admin)
tag tag a message
move, mv move a message
del, rm, remove remove a message
purge purge (erase) local message cache, then quit
rank rank one or more users (rank is first)
arank auto ranking
irank interactive ranking
set set a preference
unset unset a preference

Example session

Goto [DevBase Quick Start]]

Command Ranks

Default ranks for specific server commands (roughly similar to the client commands, but not identical). Some exceptions exist for modification commands if user did not post the original message.

info: 1
get: 5
users: 5
logout: 1
pass: 1
post: 10
head: 50
banner: 50
alert: 65
move: 10
remove: 10
tag: 50
name: 50
rename: 50
submit: 20
accept: 70
deny: 70
rank: 50
log: 50
stats: 30
quit: admin
sessions: admin
errors: admin

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