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REBOL Commercial Products

These products are no longer available.

REBOL/SDK - Software Development Kit

  • Everything you need to create REBOL applications
  • Includes all REBOL/Command features (as listed below)
  • 3 REBOL encapsulators to create executable programs
  • 3 new REBOL Kernels: /Base, /Pro, and /Face
  • REBOL Preprocessor 2.0 to organize your programs
  • Windows Registry access functions
  • Source modules for various components
  • Free upgrades for one year

REBOL/Command for Professional Developers

  • MySQL and Oracle database interfaces
  • ODBC (SQLServer, Access, Excel) database interface
  • Access to external libraries (DLLs)
  • SSL secure sockets (HTTPS client)
  • Built-in RSA, AES, Blowfish, DSA, DH encryption
  • Shell commands, launch external apps
  • Windows Registry access functions
  • Fast CGI server interface
  • Free upgrades for one year

REBOL Related Products

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