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REBOL/Plugin Installation/Upgrade Guide

Revised: 1-Feb-2010
Original: 16-Jun-2006


REBOL/Plugin is a plugin that allows you to host REBOL/View scripts within the web browser. Using REBOL/Plugin, you can create REBOL scripts that display View windows within the browser. With the Visual Interface Dialect (VID), you can create high-quality user interfaces that utilize the full power of REBOL.

Note: The current version of REBOL/Plugin is beta-7. It runs only on Windows x86 systems at this time.

The purpose of this release is to provide a prototype for testing and user comments. This is not a secure prototype. Please do not make assumptions regarding security when executing unknown REBOL scripts over the Internet.

Use this prototype at your own risk.


Uninstall Prior Plugin First

Normally, the plugin will install on its own the first time you load a web page that requests it. However, in order to install the newer REBOL/Plugin for Internet Explorer, you must uninstall any previous versions of the plugin from your computer.

Here are the uninstallation instructions for Internet Explorer and Mozilla:

Internet Explorer

  1. Close any Internet Explorer windows that may be open
  2. Go to the "Downloaded Program Files" directory in Windows.
  3. Right-click on "REBOL/Plugin for Internet Explorer" and click "Remove".

FireFox/Mozilla-based Browsers

  1. Navigate to your "plugins" directory; for FireFox this is %ProgramFiles%\Mozilla FireFox\plugins
  2. Delete these three files: nprbmzpl.dll, nprbmzpl.xpt, viewdll.dll
  3. Restart your browser.


Internet Explorer / FireFox & Mozilla-Based Browsers

Note: If you are running FireFox or a Mozilla-based browser, you need to add "" to your list of approved sites for software installation. Here are the steps for FireFox 1.5:

  1. Click Tools->Options
  2. Click "Content"
  3. Click "Exceptions" next to "Warn me when web sites try to install extensions or themes"
  4. Type ""
  5. Press "Allow"
  6. Press "Close", then "OK" to close the Options window.

Installation is automatic for Internet Explorer, FireFox, and other Mozilla-based browsers that support XPI installation:

Automatic Installation of REBOL/Plugin -- click here

Opera 9

REBOL/Plugin for Mozilla is compatible with Opera 9, however, Opera does not support XPI installation. Therefore, you must perform the following steps manually:

  1. Download this ZIP file:
  2. Extract the contents to your Opera 9 plugins directory (typically program\plugins in the Opera 9 program directory).
  3. Restart Opera 9.

Note for users of the Mozilla plugin (FireFox/Mozilla as well as Opera):

Automatic uninstallation is not available for FireFox/Mozilla or Opera (uninstallation requires manually deleting plugin files). To uninstall, follow the steps above.

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