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REBOL 2.7.8 Released 9-Jan-2011

New native and mezzanine functions, and more.

Plus: direct support in Core for Cheyenne web server!

REBOL/SDK 2.7.8 Released 9-Jan-2011

The new SDK and Command packages now available.

Platforms include MS Windows, OS X, Linux, and BSD.

REBOL 3.0 Alpha Test 20-Feb-2011

Improved, extended, optimized.

REBOL is now faster and even more powerful. New datatypes, new natives, new ideas, and even Unicode. A lean, extensible platform that spans all operating systems and devices. One language, server and client, no bloat.

Major Website Revision 28-Jan-2010

Better structure, rebuilt pages, better tools.

This website has changed in a big way, reorganizing most of its basic structure, integrating all primary pages into a single wiki engine for a consistent display, and providing greater level of interlinking than before.

Is Git working for R3?
Time to merge A111 changes.

The new SPEED? Function
Something to think about

REBOL 2.7.8 Released
Including SDK and Command

Complexity Pollution
Keep fighting it.

OS X Host Kit
First draft, finally.

R3 A110 Host Kit via Git
Source on

R3 A109 for Amiga OS4
Preliminary release

R3 A109 Core Release
Fixes and improvements

R3 A106 Host-Kit Update
Issues as words

REBOL on FaceBook
For those who want it

REBOL 3.0 Blog
Building the future

The REBOL Week
Community news

RebolTutorial Website
Articles on REBOL

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